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    Scary and impressive gun accident

    I watched a YouTube video that says you never use that sabot round with a muzzle brake.
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    what have you bought so far? (2021)

    Benchmade Bugout CF Elite
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    Photos Knives & Guns

    I'm not comfortable with cocked and locked in my pocket
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    Photos Knives & Guns

    For pocket carry kel-tec p32 or ruger lcp2 can't beat either of them for light weight carry
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    17 years in the making.

    Thank you for your sacrifice and your service
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    Am I Broken?

    If you need"permission"your definitely broken
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    What watch do you wear?

    I agree with your assessment of the Barton
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    10 year old interested in knives

    Your his parent,do you think it's normal?
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    First knife build

    Nice job, very cool
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    Still have my trusty old wrist rocket
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    Thoughts on the ZT 450 (Zero Tolerance 0450)

    Using a firearm or a knife if an intruder is in your home and you feel you or your families life is in danger is the same thing in New Jersey
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    Tacticlol Knives II: The Return of Ridiculous

    With your Bat gloves
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    Hinderer Half Track

    What generation and grind
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    You're all carrying your knives backwards!

    I will take the feeling of insecurity to live in the best country in the world.
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    You're all carrying your knives backwards!

    That's easy to say when you live in Denmark, I myself carry a pistol for self defense living just outside of Philadelphia that had 499 homicides in 2020.
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    Off Topic Do you carry a back-up knife with you ?.

    Always have a Victorinox classic in the bottom of my pocket
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    Seduced by the Light ! Not my fault , was "only looking .

    Manker's customer service is excellent, dropped mine and they replaced it.
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    Benchmade 940-1 experiences?

    Never could warm up to that knife too skinny for me sold mine year's ago
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    Any G-Shock fans out there?

    I just know the military way