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    Best (New - not used) knives - $100 and under

    My list: Spyderco Endura 4 Spyderco Delica Spyderco Para 3 LW Cold Steel American Lawman Kershaw Blur S30V Ontario Rat 1 D2
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    The Travelling Delica Vol. 2

    Great thread.
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    Nova Blades, Benchmade, ZT

    Bugout is still available?
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    8 Nice Ones...Good Prices

    Hogue Ritter is still available???
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    A Month of the SwissChamp

    Great great thread.
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    And Then There Were Three

    I really woudl like to thank you for the update. Your thread is inspirational to me, now even more with this additional update.
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    What happened to Colonel Blades?

    Any news? Will they come back?
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    Steel Will Cutjack M390

    Still available?
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    Cold Steel Code 4 - Griptape Mod Tutorial

    Very nice. Could you please reup the pictures?
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    ZT 0801

    Still available?
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    Convince me on the bugout- should I get one?

    Where did you get this thumb stud?
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    And Then There Were Three

    Now, 7 folders and none to come. I establish 7 as my maximum number. The next step is to downsize to 5. 4 fixed and none to come and that´s it. Again, not counting MT´s/SAK´s and kitchen knive but I downsize my SAK´s and MT´s too.