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  1. DerekH

    120th Anniversary BK98 Becker Tuko

    Yeah I would love a rerun in carbon steel for lower pricing, it is a great knife! As far as use, this is the one that rides in my edc pack daily. See more time in kitchens than in camp these days, so it works for that very well.
  2. DerekH

    solution to my only problem with the BK9

    Nice baldric carry! Necessity is the mother of invention or somesuch.
  3. DerekH

    Official BK18 Harpoon Thread

    Finally got one in black.
  4. DerekH

    Post your Becker knives pics here

    Finally got one in the right color. No idea why the black wasn't the standard. Regardless, got 'em both now.
  5. DerekH

    foolish to wear a bk2 in a spec ops sheath as a edc?

    Nope. Others have before you. One managed to use one to break into his car after locking the keys inside while in a rough part of town.
  6. DerekH

    Open question???

    You're coming across very confrontational, and there is no reason for that, especially with Ka-Bar. While we certainly appreciate your fervor, there are tons of factors behind the scenes that neither you nor I nor the vast majority of people ever hear about, and that doesn't give you grounds to...
  7. DerekH

    No Vacation! Starring Snark W. Griswold

    Yeah, it went out of its way to cover so mich instead of focusing on telling a good story. Unfortunately that seems to have happened or be happening to all comics. Glad I got out of them when I did.
  8. DerekH

    No Vacation! Starring Snark W. Griswold

    There for quite awhile the ZT 0560 was THE folder to have among Beckerheads. I got mine after Moose and a few others showing theirs off at one of the gatherings. Great knife. Very stout. Lot of ZTs seem to find their ways into the hands of Beckerheads.
  9. DerekH

    No Vacation! Starring Snark W. Griswold

    The only appropriate answer is Hal's ring, obviously. Mine was based off the Ethan Van Sciver run during Rebirth and following that leading up into Blackest Night. I got in touch with him and asked if I could get him to sign my variant cover of BL 1 and he sent this back on the backer board.
  10. DerekH

    No Vacation! Starring Snark W. Griswold

    Not too long ago I noticed in a bunch of edc posts people had little doodads, trinkets, totems, etc... in their pics. Some had toy cars, Lego minifigs, small brass figurines, but it got me to thinking that I might like a little doodad to carry around, but the catch was it had to be personal or...
  11. DerekH

    New to the BK&T Forum.

    Welcome to our corner of the asylum! Mind yer dangly bits, keep em away from the sharp bits, and we look forward to seein what you post!
  12. DerekH

    Beckerhead Food Plates

    It's been too long, gonna dump a bunch here to make up for it. Lot of folks have seen these already on my insta, or the Facebook. Standard ramen Avacado Toast Tomato ramen with udon noodles Grilled ham and bacon with beef n veggie soup Omelette Steak and pork ramen with somen...
  13. DerekH

    Necker Series

    Over the years there have been a lot of ideas kicked around, and the Boss and KaBar went with what they felt would work best for everyone. Personally, while I would have loved another smaller knife (I mainly carry a 3.5" bladed knife as my EDC), the Tuko and the Harpoon both will do alot more...
  14. DerekH

    Beckerhead Knife Making and Modification Thread

    Not a knife, but I did a thing... Kydex quick draw shoulder harness for my hatchet I have been modifying. Here is the hatchet And here is what it originally looked like. (Not really a quick draw, just baldric carry. Works for that though.) I have a strap with button for making...
  15. DerekH

    Becker Free Fallin’ Snarkin’

    You have my condolences buddy
  16. DerekH

    A new family member...The BK-18 Harpoon....

    Lookin good, boss!
  17. DerekH

    Post your Becker knives pics here

    ZK-22 stock from the now defunct Red Jacket Firearms company. Think one of the guys restarted the company under Aklys Defense although they have been out of these for awhile. Lightweight bull barrel from someone or another, I don't remember. Fun to shoot though.
  18. DerekH

    Post your Becker knives pics here

    Beckers and snow!
  19. DerekH

    Post your Becker knives pics here

    Thank ye kindly good sir
  20. DerekH

    Post your Becker knives pics here

    The potato deserved it.