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  1. rkmoore

    ESEE 6hm

    I'll take it! Pm inbound.
  2. rkmoore

    120th Anniversary BK98 Becker Tuko

    I ordered mine as soon as I got the email. I have to admit I hesitated for a minute but I love the design and I know it will be with me for the rest of my life so.... ChaChing!!!
  3. rkmoore

    FS: Lots of Kabar / Camillus Becker Grips – Micarta + Bead Blast

    I'll take the bead blasted scales for $15. PM sent.
  4. rkmoore


    Pm sent.
  5. rkmoore

    BRKT North Star, 1st Production

    Seconds if still available.
  6. rkmoore

    What is your Becker score?

    157, I think. I'll have to check when I get home.
  7. rkmoore

    5k gaw!!

    I can't believe I almost missed this. I'm in!
  8. rkmoore

    Spyderco kershaw Kizer Case OKC carter prime real steel - cheap

    What model is the Victorinox? Can you post a picture?
  9. rkmoore

    Raffle For Rebecca (wife of KYenglish)

    I received the knife this morning and wow what a beauty! I feel truly blessed to have won such an awesome knife and would like to thank Andy (mqqn) and everyone else who participated in this fundraiser.
  10. rkmoore

    New Sweetness from Dex

    Fo sho fo sho!!!
  11. rkmoore

    Two awesome additions today! Special 1 and special 2!

    That Brute looks really good! I sure would like to try one out someday. Congratulations!
  12. rkmoore

    Becker bk21 sheaths for sale

    I picked up a couple of sheaths from JD at Blade Show and they are awesome! Best kydex I've seen. If you need/want kydex for your Beckers, this is a good time to get them. Great deal on get kydex.
  13. rkmoore

    BK4 vs. BK21???

    Same here. 21 for a vehicle or camp set up situation but not for carrying on my belt. I'm not a huge fan of the 4 but it is lighter than the 21 but I still prefer my 9 to either.
  14. rkmoore

    Good News for nylon sheath lovers....

    Good looking step! Thanks for sharing.