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    2020 GEC #33 Conductor Thread

    If Case would stop being so chincy with their main blades, their knives would look so much better.
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    2020 GEC #23 Trapper Thread

    I got 2 LL's. One locks up real solid and LL stops half way. The other one has vertical play. The LL stops all the way to the right and is not touching the tang. Any one else have this going on with their LL? I know the lock still will function but it is a little annoying. Will GEC fix this?
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    Post your Spyder Pics

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    Confirmed! The GEC #23 is next!

    I'd like to see the GEC Schrade automatic made again. I missed out on those.
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    Carrying A Whaler

    I'm going to look for a small molle pouch to put on a belt.
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    2020 GEC #62 Easy Pocket Congress and Pocket Carver Thread

    Just came in. Not nana looking, but I still like it.
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    Post your Spyder Pics

    My 1st Shamon. Lovin it.
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    Glow in the dark

    I'm a sucka for GITD stuff. I even have GITD para cord. Hope to see the Endura in GITD scales.:thumbsup:
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    Spyders That Just MUST Return

    Calypso would be nice and the Leaf Storm in FFG.
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    2019 GEC 29 Humpback/Stockyard Whittler Thread

    I like that acrylic pattern a lot. It reminds me of a Dirty Skunk instead of grits.
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    Red M390 PM2 dropping 7/17

    You don't have a problem. You have a start of a nice collection.
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    Red M390 PM2 dropping 7/17

    Bleep happens DLT. You still are my #1 go to.:thumbsup:
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    Red M390 PM2 dropping 7/17

    Nap time.
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    Red M390 PM2 dropping 7/17

    I just got one.
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    Red M390 PM2 dropping 7/17

    Wut? wut,wut?
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    Red M390 PM2 dropping 7/17

    DLT just called me and told me not to push any more buttons.
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    Red M390 PM2 dropping 7/17

    I'm getting PTSD.
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    Olight usb battery charger

    I have a couple of them. They are very handy. Also you can use a USB AC Adapter and plug it into an outlet. Just make sure its compatible.
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    Spyderco 2019 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    The white side should be glow in the dark scale.