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  1. cbach8tw

    Patch Knife in NitroV, Leopardwood and Elk

    Very handy size and stainless too. Ready for adventure.
  2. cbach8tw

    Owning one pocket knife

    I like my SA Alox Pioneer, very handy, but cannot just keep one. Now, if I could have it with an ATS 34 blade, now that would be one to use for awhile.
  3. cbach8tw

    Knife I found in an abandoned house 30 years ago

    I do think the mystery behind it is fun to speculate. What is the handle material? Steel? Does it hold an edge and have you used it in those 30 years? I think the humor is it will rust if left in the sheath
  4. cbach8tw

    Box of Goodies?

    I am here. Are we thinking of a second round? That would be fun but I am ok if everyone Is satisfied. Thought?
  5. cbach8tw

    New lionSTEEL Jack Knives

    do like the looks of it.
  6. cbach8tw

    "The OG"

    ~ just means do not get so tied up in your work!! :p
  7. cbach8tw

    Camp knife

    I will let this thread stay for the exchange items. If any other comments we can PM each other.
  8. cbach8tw

    Camp knife

    I will definitely let you play with it, I can send it to you when I get my JK Hudson Bay Sharpened by you. I also said I would be interested in the future for a 4.5 in version maybe 1/8.
  9. cbach8tw

    Camp knife

    What the heck, I will take it. PM sent.
  10. cbach8tw

    Knives and Coffee

    Tribal lock?
  11. cbach8tw

    Traditional French Friday

    im;Ike to see what coins are in the photos with knives. I know ML knives Uses an Indian Head penny. Have seen some neat foreign coins too. There was a thread somewhere with knives and coins.
  12. cbach8tw

    Any love for small Opinels?

    The 6 is about as small as I go.
  13. cbach8tw

    What knife is in your bugout pack?

    Swiss Army Alox Pioneer, Leatherman Wave, although I have not used the MT that much. Or an Opinel thrown in, my 6 or Garden 8. Not that there are really in a pack, just easy to grab in a hurry.
  14. cbach8tw

    Camp knife

    This would make a great gaucho knife. Very cool.
  15. cbach8tw

    Blind Horse Knives Tiger Knapp

    Just keep an eye in the Exchange, usually the individual fixed blade section for when they come up, which the Tiger Knapp does not come up very often. I checked both Battlehorse and LTW knive, do not see that on, however LTW does make a all metal knife called the Skeleton key, with a slightly...
  16. cbach8tw

    Almost Ready To Ship 2021

    agreed, but it will give you a full frame picture when you click on it, I just like to see the full pic right away without having to click to expand it.
  17. cbach8tw

    The "Whatever" Thread

    Here is my spear point hunter, still a spear point like my Kephart, longer and thinner profile. Like it, just wish a little longer handle, got off the exchange, but still feels handy.
  18. cbach8tw

    The "Whatever" Thread

    Words to warm your heart.
  19. cbach8tw

    The "Whatever" Thread

    Can we show some of our JKs that do not get used that often? Not your main blade, but one you may have picked up that has been waiting in the wings to be used, yearning for the chance to prove itself on an adventure!! How's that for you?! Or maybe just to cut up some veggies and stuff for lunch.