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  1. b00n

    Your ultimate Zombie Apocalypse knife

    A CRK Inkosi (Large) if I find a well stocked bunker. If I am outside TOPS El Chete or SXB.
  2. b00n

    Three favorite Spydies...

    Shaman, Kapara and PM2 would be my three.
  3. b00n

    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Reate New Torrent in Bronze. Spontanious buy since the WE Blocao is delayed...*cough*
  4. b00n

    Nick Shabazz gets his own SAK design.

    Not a knife I would carry due to style/size, but the colors and design are well done.
  5. b00n

    We lost one of our own today......

    Rest in peace Ed. Haven't interacted with him but the sticky on GKD was one of the first things I noticed when I joined. Condolences to his friends and family.
  6. b00n

    Flippers: Ball Bearings vs. Roller Bearings

    I'd like to try some for novelty/curiosity sake but so far all my bearing knives are ball bearings. Thought about a Megalodon but other knives took priority so I kept putting it off and now I think most versions still available are ball bearing ones.
  7. b00n

    There's gold in dim der hills!

    Protech has made some Rose Gold Blade finishes that look alright.
  8. b00n

    Odd reasons a purchase was questioned by others

    I don't really discuss it anymore. My usual argument for "You paid that much/why is it so expensive" has always been "The same reason a 911 costs more than a Golf" same thing, same purpose, different levels. Which generally works. Alternatively the "Every hobby can get expensive the further you...
  9. b00n

    Just pix of knives

    My Gitanos arrived today. Very nice some cool slippies. :):thumbsup:
  10. b00n

    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Sharp by Design/Brian Nadeau Arch Nemesis
  11. b00n

    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    I preordered two Lionsteel/Popl Custom Gitanos: Carbon Fiber and Natural Canvas Micarta.
  12. b00n

    Is sebenza worth the money?

    Don't need to adapt. It's like a bakery that keeps pumping out the same good bread. You know what you get when you buy one, but there is little interesting about it. I like mine, I wouldn't sell mine, but I don't think I'd recommend one to anybody if not for the "you need to experience one for...
  13. b00n

    My digits dont like flippers

    It depends on the knife as well. The 0452 cut me more often than any other of my flippers, I can't really think of another flipper that cut me, but the 0452 probably half a dozen times. Small tab, big thumb and detent location make a difference.
  14. b00n

    knife thongs

    It's a FOB, which basically extends the hands (you can wrap your pinky around it if the knife handle doesn't allow a full 4 finger grip), it also helps pulling a folder out of a pocket, especially if you have a deep carry grip. The ornament/decoration element also plays into it.
  15. b00n

    Feedback on my Tanto design

    I like the shape, reminds me of the CKF/Christensen Spectra in a good way (Harpoon Tanto).
  16. b00n

    Newbie here

    Welcome and hello.
  17. b00n

    SNAFU 2.0 by CKF

    More than I am currently willing or able to spend. (~720$ here) Overall cool design, even without the lock side milling...o_O:rolleyes:
  18. b00n

    hurricane dorian edc

    The blue rubber bands makes it California Legal I believe? :D
  19. b00n

    hurricane dorian edc

    If it was me, I would (for a change) get out one of my legal fixed blades and belt or pack carry it for easy access, I wouldn't want to fiddle with a folder with wet pants and a raincoat.
  20. b00n

    Knife of Crime (Knives in the News)

    In (Decoration)"Sword" News: Disagreement between roommates, lots of right leaning propaganda on it as well.