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  1. willard0341


    I like your nail nick variant... it gets a little tight (for me) with the long pull on this particular configuration/model. Nice knife
  2. willard0341

    Boker "Tree Brand Classic" Solingen knives

    Holy smoke John, the knife looked pretty good to me despite the secondary being on the wrong side.... your not kidding about the price. Was not expecting that
  3. willard0341

    Lets talk GEC!

  4. willard0341

    Uses for the spatula blade?

    Put a chisel grind on that jewel.... when you cut boxes etc you won’t have tape or goo on the main. Scraping, light prying. Strange how I recommend prying with your knife when I won’t pry with mine. Cheers Ode
  5. willard0341

    Show us your Charlie Campagna SFOs

    Took my elderly aunt to the sams club today. Had this one with me. Ode
  6. willard0341

    Elusive Schrades

    Learning this new platformi would hesitate on calling this one “elusive”
  7. willard0341

    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    Water is still high on the Black river and the locking chamber is just about flooded, allowing to run over the damn here at Jonesville. Open knife, close knife, admire.
  8. willard0341

    All Sold

    I would like the bone 38 if it is still available
  9. willard0341

    Lets talk GEC!

    Thank you for the kind words. I was going to post these yesterday when I took them but didn't want to wear people out with it. With that being said. we were tripping barges through Columbia lock (one at a time) you can see the other barge in the foreground. I was going to take a pic of my...
  10. willard0341

    That detent...

    Mine is a small, have a good one.
  11. willard0341

    Elusive Schrades

    W What a good looking piece of history
  12. willard0341

    That detent...

    I had a Benchmade axis lock open in my pocket. I don't mind tough detents, crk tends to break in after a couple of years
  13. willard0341

    Traditional mug shots

    100 years old, the wealth of experience he must have. I hope the weather was beautiful for you all. I traveled through Memphis to get on the boat this time and stopped at Memphis Barbecue Co in southhaven (?). I like their rendition of potatoe salad and their brisket is good also. Thanks for...
  14. willard0341

    Traditional and Modern pairings

    Thank you John, this Ouachita river is absolutely beautiful. I saw a large bald eagle a few minutes ago and he flew from his limb before I could get a pic. Enjoy your day, Ode
  15. willard0341

    Traditional and Modern pairings

    Earlier this morning I was able to run over the damn here at Jonesville due to the high water (run the pass). I usually swap out sebenzas for a trip but I have stuck with this one. Good day to all
  16. willard0341

    2021 #85 Crown Lifter

    Thank you much, @JohnDF gave me the slip and I am very proud of it. Rotten weather and high water in baton rouge. Have a good day
  17. willard0341


    What an absolute jewel of a knife... thanks for posting
  18. willard0341

    2021 #85 Crown Lifter

    We are on the Ouachita river discharging in Monroe la. I hope to see more wildlife on the bank since the weather is warmer