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    Show us your Randalls

    My Randall Trapper isn't new now. It's the perfect size and shape. Almost got skunked this year. There's six buzzards up above in a tree, waiting for a chance. Hope the Flickr link works.
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    knives close to CRK

    Spyderco C36CFTIP Ti Military, 4" CPM-S90V Plain Blade, Carbon Fiber/Titanium Handle with R.I.L Lock, Knifeworks Exclusive I didn't find it in PM2 which is a mite smaller. You have 4 choices of clip position although the lanyard hole blocks the best spot for tip up deep carry.
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    No love for the large 25?

    The 25 is my only CR. I think the asymmetric stop pin/spacer is poorly designed. It gave me problems because it can jam the blade if it rotates. I understand Mr. Reeve had left the company prior to this model.
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    PSA: Keep detailed records of your knife transactions

    Two suggestions to those of you who might fall into this situation: Near year end take an inventory of your stock with valuations at what you paid. If you used it and it's worth less, use the less. At year end record your odometer if you might want to deduct business use of your vehicle. One...
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    PSA: Keep detailed records of your knife transactions

    No it absolutely does not. You still have to compute net income. Unless you're going to tax gross income and make the OP pay tax on the $50k. All a flat tax does is eliminate percentage layers. It raises the minimum and reduces the maximum. One of those things that depends on whose ox is gored.
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    Lanyards on folders...yea or nay? (w/ poll)

    I only tried it once, on my Survive Necker which has almost no handle. The maker has a YouTube video on making the FOB which supposedly helps the grip. I noticed no help and just an increase in bulk. A Sebenza folder came with one. I haven't used it. I think if you grew up never even seeing one...
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    PSA: Keep detailed records of your knife transactions

    There is confusion here. The threshold requirement to submit an information form like a 1099 is not the same as the requirement to report income. For example banks will only send a 1099 at earnings over $10 but even $5 is reportable and taxable on the return. Subcontractors must be given a 1099...
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    Help- meat knife or

    The Old Hickory on the right looks amazingly like a knife I got from Herters in 65 called the "Crooked Knife."
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    PSA: Keep detailed records of your knife transactions

    Now that you're a schedule C filer you simply fill in the spaces. Now trips to knife shows are deductible. You may even have a loss. Consult a tax person
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    What was the worst most over hyped knife you ever bought?

    Sebenza 25 for the asymmetric free rotating stop pin/spacer. If not tightened enough it can rotate stopping the blade. Enough tightness to ensure non-rotation and the blade gets dragged even though that's supposed to be controlled by pivot tightness. I also had to deburr one out the pivot...
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    119? In movie

    In the movie "Columbiana" a little girl demonstrates a 119 (I think) with skill-at about 20 min mark. Anybody seen it?
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    Bad Survive! Deserves A Permanent Post In The Hall Of Shame

    I want to point out some good things, I could name a couple but the recent 4.5 announcement....jeez. A year has gone by without orders and there is are almost 4 year old orders. Wasn't the 7/7 named in honor of deceased friend? Some honor after 3 years. Who was the guy ridiculed or banned off...
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    Short model 1's

    Real nice pages. Thank you.
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    The leather sheath isn't necessary because it's a bit big to dangle. But it's a nice sheath and provides secure storage.
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    CPM S35VN / S30V folding blade suggestion?

    These "what should I get" threads always get many responses, but rarely a reply or thanks from the OP. Easy trolling.
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    Recommendation? 2.5" or less EDC knife

    For small, practical and non threatening a SAK Tinker or similar. Everything else is just jewelry. Next perhaps is a BM 940 or 940-2. Light as a feather with enough blade to gut a steer. Next up a small Sebenza 21 or Inkosi. But the SAK will do what is needed. Disclaimer: IMHO
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    People are weird about knives - or maybe just weird

    Well, I learned something new. Someone has actually needed and used the corkscrew on a SAK. I still say phillips.
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    Robber pulls out machete, clerk pulls out sword

    Maybe this should be in the sword section but this YouTube was too funny to not pass along. I didn't post a direct link but it's an easy find.
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    Randall Knives Reference Book - Proof Set

    It sounds like enough interest in the book to justify a new print run. What's up with that? Let's get on that publisher!
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    Show us your Randalls

    I love the 25 handle. It's like a big and small knife combined. The choil is perfect and choked up it's a perfect little knife. For me the 5" is just right for whitetail. The lower hilt could be smaller. It would help in slicing.