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  1. 0men

    UG vs CGG

    Do some distributors get more UGs than others? I'm having a hard time finding any in stock.
  2. 0men

    Am I the only one who checks every For Sale post for Idaho Stamp?

    If given the option I would have opted for one without the stamp. I like clean and minimalist when I can get it. Don't even like brand logos. I think a small laser etch on the blade akin to what Spyderco does would have been fine. That said I own a stamped small 21 so it can't bother me that much...
  3. 0men

    What did Santa bring you?

    My wife gave me a Wayfarer 247. She's a keeper.
  4. 0men

    Boos Blades Smoke TS1

    I got mine a bit ago and like the design. I am in the same boat as Malaka in that I didn't get the color I wanted, but bought it to try it out. Mine is all blacked out (obsidian) which is not to my taste. However, looking past that I really like how slim and light it is. It carries well and...
  5. 0men

    EDC Pistols: What's in your holsters?

    Glock 19 in a JM Custom Kydex AIWB or a 9mm Shield in a G-Code AIWB. I will post pics later, but it's pretty boring stuff. I have carried a Sig P229 and 1911 in the past, but after taking a bunch of classes I have settled on the two above and kydex to sit them in. Not as pretty as a 1911, not...
  6. 0men

    Mass drop knives

    Just got notification that my Crux is shipping. I liked the Falcon, let's see if this makes two of three.
  7. 0men

    Recommendation? Food processor

    I bought mine on Amazon.
  8. 0men

    Zieba Knives

    I own an S1 and an S1 mini. I really enjoy both and would buy them again.
  9. 0men

    Recommendation? Food processor

    I've got the Cuisinart DFP-14. The thing is a beast and I love it. Not great as an EDC though. Carries big in the pocket.
  10. 0men

    Help, got the itch for flipper.

    I'm going to jump in to recommend the ZT0562/CF as well. You have already held it and like it. The specs are right in line with your requirements. The pivot on mine hasn't caused any problems (sample of 1), and if it did I have a tube of purple loctite that would solve the issue. Plus, there is...
  11. 0men

    Mass drop knives

    Mine arrived yesterday and I am pleased. I do not have any issues with the jimping, but it may be because of my rugged hands and fingers developed over almost two decades working in an office on a computer :). The fit an finish are great on my example (0947) with maybe just a slightly off...
  12. 0men

    New Rick Hinderer XM-18

    Awesome. More pics please.
  13. 0men

    Really liking my new Michael Zieba S1 Mini

    Nice mini! I was surprised at how small it was when I first got mine. I had a regular S1 and the size jump seemed larger than most makers' pairs. However, I really appreciate that these smaller knives are available and the S1 Mini is definitely solid. Here's a pic of my Ziebas
  14. 0men

    Bought a Sharpmaker

    I could be doing it wrong, but I just use an old toothbrush and some toothpaste.
  15. 0men

    Tac Belt Buckles Suck-Rant

    I have the Liger and love it, but I don't think it will work for the OP as he has a concern for minute adjustability and the Liger has conventional holes.
  16. 0men

    Photos AWESOME Anniversary gift...

    She's a keeper.
  17. 0men

    Tac Belt Buckles Suck-Rant

    Yeah, that pic on Amazon looks wrong. The Wilderness D buckles are serious business and rated for load on helo ops. They also tend to "bite" well into the webbing which keeps it snug even without taking the velcro into account. As for other belts as suggested, if you carry a gun I would be...
  18. 0men

    Deep carry clip zt0095bw

    I've had positive experiences with MXG Gear. The clips are solid and fit well. The only negative I can mention is that they use one design for several knives. I understand why this is, but it can result in mismatched finishes, and sometimes unexpected proportions. Looking for pictures online...
  19. 0men

    Tac Belt Buckles Suck-Rant

    Have you looked into the Wilderness instructor belts? The metal buckles they offer work well and velcro takes care of the free end. Or... carry less on your belt.