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  1. Badhammer

    Buck 124 vs Buck 120 PRO

    I seem to recall reading posts in years past about being able to order longer blade lengths on either the 120 or 124. Can’t recall which it was? Perhaps someone could clarify and or post photos of their custom length blades?
  2. Badhammer

    Buck 119 steel selection

    Thanks David.
  3. Badhammer

    Buck 119 steel selection

    Question. Did Buck ever offer the 119 or for that matter the 120 in ATS-34?
  4. Badhammer

    rivets for strength?

    Welcome to the forum. I believe the rivets would add strength as a mechanical fastener to retain the scales however I think the scales are also glued so it may be an added strength that isn’t really needed. Personally I’ve always thought that rivets in natural materials such as bone, horn, etc...
  5. Badhammer

    Whatcha got on order ?

    Sig P210-A Target. Supposed to be ready for pickup on 3/17.
  6. Badhammer

    Buck sighted on The Walking Dead

    That’s it!
  7. Badhammer

    Buck sighted on The Walking Dead

    I believe it was a bonus episode that aired right before the first episode of the new season came on but it takes place in a train yard. The character “Princess” has a Buck Akouna. It shows it a couple of times in the sheath on her belt and in her hand when the group is surrounded by the...
  8. Badhammer

    Tactical Knives Making a Reappearance

    I picked up the blue version of that Klingon Circumcision Dagger (aka 808 Talon) back when it was offered as an LE. IMHO it’s one of the most wicked looking blades Buck has offered.
  9. Badhammer

    Stainless steel bolsters Buck 110

    I remember that set. Was able to get the 110 but the Duke was already sold out. Good looking series.
  10. Badhammer

    Underrated Bucks

    I view the pre-Tops Nighthawk series and the Buck-Striders as underrated and under appreciated. The Nighthawks offered a variety of blade sizes, profiles and finishes, comfortable handles and the 650 Pigstickers were da bomb! The Buck Strider models offered some kinda uncomfortable models being...
  11. Badhammer

    Anybody strop their knives?

    I only use a strop for blades with a convex edge. Perhaps I should try it on my EDC blades. I’ve always just used my Sharpmaker with the UF rods for routine touch ups.
  12. Badhammer

    Do 110’s Loosen up with use?

    Yes they will “break-in”. I would suggest rinsing the pivot area under hot tap water while working the blade open and closed. Add some liquid dish soap to the pivot area and work the blade before moving onto the water. Once all the soap is rinsed out, “this should also remove any residual...
  13. Badhammer

    Buck email notifications

    I get the BOTM emails every month but usually long after they are sold out.
  14. Badhammer

    Oden Buck Book

    Still waiting on the copy my wife ordered for Xmas. Looking forward to it when ever it arrives.
  15. Badhammer

    Merry Christmas ...

    Merry Christmas to all.
  16. Badhammer

    2021 Bucks?

    Except for the thumb hole the blade on the Budgie reminds me of the Crosslock in profile, just shorter.
  17. Badhammer

    What does it take to get an answer from Buck?

    Probably shipping and tax. What did your shopping cart say besides the total?
  18. Badhammer

    What is the equivalent to the Buck 119 in the firearms world?

    Lever action 30-30 or a Colt SAA.
  19. Badhammer

    Knives you wished Buck made

    A complete 100 series with stacked leather.
  20. Badhammer

    305 vs 705

    The 700 series are built like a tank! IMO they are the toughest slip joints Buck made.