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  1. nickpp

    My CRK Collection

    Amazing collection Ju! The time dedication and tenacity to build a collection like that is incredible. Increased by a factor of 2 or 3 outside the USA! World class collection!
  2. nickpp

    Sebenza Presentation Case

    X2 Beautiful work! I’m sure there’s a market for such a product. For someone who may have hundreds if not thousands of dollars invested into a knife a beautiful display case definitely has merit.
  3. nickpp

    Let’s see you 2020 CRKs

    Wow! Incredible additions!
  4. nickpp

    Let’s see you 2020 CRKs

    Approaching the end of 2020, let’s what cool CRKs have you purchased during this wretched year..... 2 for me. One oldie, my collecting passion. One 21 user with a diy NA slant.
  5. nickpp

    Just Images: CRK Fixed Blades! (Start other threads for comments)

    cool group of knives but I hope for your sake they’re not all stuck in the open position;)
  6. nickpp

    D2 Sebenza, help please...

    Back in the very early days of Chris making knives he used all sorts of steels. 440A, 440B, 440C, ATS 34, 154CM, D2, A2. So it’s entirely possible that very early pre Sebenza’s were using something other than ATS34 which was the norm for early Sebenza. If so it’s a rare bird indeed! It’ll be...
  7. nickpp

    Tell Me About The Pheasant Tail Regular Sebenza...

    Lol, I wish! I haven’t got the guts to take them all out on a kayak or boat;)
  8. nickpp

    Tell Me About The Pheasant Tail Regular Sebenza...

    All 3 Pheasant Tails are BG42.
  9. nickpp

    Post your regs!

    Works for me
  10. nickpp

    Picture history of early CRK's

    Thank Rycen. It is in there, but cleverly integrated into a history link sticky by @bhyde
  11. nickpp

    Picture history of early CRK's

    Another oldie (1985) “Bee” 5” OAL 440B Steven65 :) Thanks to @Steven65 for providing the name of the scrimshaw artist Bruce Van Blerk.
  12. nickpp

    Small Native American

    I have just been mulling it over, I still think it’s worth $2500 Check out the CR Facebook pages if you have access. There are specific fan pages and sales pages.
  13. nickpp

    Small Native American

    They have quite a following. The larges were trading around 4 K at peak, that I think has dropped back now. Ironically the smalls have less value but are often more difficult to find. If it’s original without being used, sharpened or had a refresh at the factory etc I guess it’s in the $2500...
  14. nickpp

    Picture history of early CRK's

    Another amazing oldie appears out of the woodwork. Many thanks to Rene Rangle the owner who kindly gave permission for these pictures to added to this knowledge base. Cool knife:)
  15. nickpp

    Delete please

    Made for a German dealer in limited numbers. Also available in small numbers for a short while as a direct order from CRKs. Seem to be selling for around the $450-500 range at present. They did peak around 550-600 a while back. Those figures are unused examples with box and papers.
  16. nickpp

    Picture history of early CRK's

    Think I’ve restored most of the links I can. There’s one of an old custom from eBay but I can’t find where I stored the original picture..... Anyway, despite photo-buckets best attempts, we’re functional again.