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  1. peterbright

    What sharpener would you recommend for CRK?

    I use a Sharpmaker and have never had difficulty sharpening any knife. I do not let them get "dull" as I consider that an accident waiting to happen. One large benefit for me since we share our home with daughter, son-in law and 3 grand children is it takes up little space and can be stored...
  2. peterbright

    Mnandi hord

    Excellent Plus!
  3. peterbright

    The CRK Anticipation Thread - Show Your 'Inbound's!

    Very nice wood on her.
  4. peterbright

    As Seen In Fanpage....... (Grail Content Inside )

    Beyond amazing...congratulations!
  5. peterbright

    Neil Roberts Warrior Knife

    We need his contact information!
  6. peterbright

    Home Invasion

    The other is a meth head that can't quite function without a helper.
  7. peterbright

    Home Invasion

    Amen, amen and bring body bags.
  8. peterbright

    Home Invasion

    Since my wife agreed to let me open carry in the restaurant, 3 idiots have come in hard and fast and froze in their tracks when they saw a Sig Sauer P320 M17 on my hip and exited just as quickly as they entered. Back up is a 12 inch blade no one wants across their throat.
  9. peterbright

    Home Invasion

    An update today the perp in jail plead guilty and got 10 years at hard labor...still awaiting the DNA on the second one.
  10. peterbright

    Home Invasion

    Thanks everyone, my wife is now able to stay in the house alone with the grand kids parts of most days. Things are getting better. Judge refused a bond reduction for the one they have in jail. DNA still not back on the second guy.
  11. peterbright

    Impinda slipjoint... as I see it (after 2 months of field use)

    It would be more interesting if you bred it to a Mnandi to get an Impandi.
  12. peterbright

    Couple ZT Knives for sale

    Money sent. Thanks!
  13. peterbright

    Couple ZT Knives for sale

    I'll take the ZT 0801BW
  14. peterbright

    Price drop Collection sale Benchmade Spyderco ZT

    Perfect transaction...positive feedback left.
  15. peterbright

    ZT 550, 700, 770CFM390, 350

    Perfect transaction positive feedback left.
  16. peterbright

    Home Invasion

    These guys have been caught many times, but they keep giving them light sentences and they don't even serve most of that.
  17. peterbright

    Home Invasion

    Crowley is 20 miles west of Lafayette