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    Swiss Army Knife tip/ trick

    Well, I took a look and, I don't think they have much else to my personal interest, but I'll probably have to have me a pack of the FireAnts and Helix Tenders. That's a pretty cool design. Thanks for the info.
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    SOG Powerlock

    My opinion is that sog tools are over priced and sub-par. I've had a few and been disappointed every time. Customer service was nothing to brag about either. Unless it's in the 25 cent bin at a yard sale, I won't buy another sog. On the other side of the coin, I also have had numerous multis...
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    Swiss Army Knife tip/ trick

    A very nice trick. Thanks for sharing! Looks like you may have a few more neat tricks hidden in the corkscrew? Feel free to share. @Hickory n steel , the pin hole you mentioned is only on some models, and if you used it with a sewing needle instead of a pin you may lose the needle.
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    Your best tools on sak or multitool(besides blade) & Why

    This is an interesting topic, but I can't think of much to add. I use my saks and multis pretty much daily, but mostly just for the same things they were designed for. I try to always remember the right tool for the job and all that. My top priority/favorite tools on a sak are the saw and awl...
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    Owning one pocket knife

    I never had a I grew up about 45 minutes from anywhere, in southern Louisiana. On a farm outside of a very small town. Fun was hunting and target practice. We had a tv and vhs. Most of the movies we watched were rented copies of Crocodile Dundee, Rambo, Predator, Tremors... If you...
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    I am new to knives and the whole community

    I can't really add a whole lot to what's already been said here. Seems like the bases have been well covered... Welcome to Bladeforums! Definitely one of the best places to hang out on the net if you're interested in this subject, so I Ihope you enjoy it. Just take your time, read, ask...
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    "Bond. Leatherman Bond."

    Well, not far from it. The Blast was/is one of my favorite models. I do have a few nit picks with the Blast. But it was a good one. The biggest reason I don't have one now is because the one I had disappeared years ago and a new one is collectable now days. I'm not a fan of inflatable price tags.
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    I keep coming back to the Recruit

    I like the recruit too. In large part because I like the smooth back spring and lack of back side tools. I can't deny that I have used the back side phillips many times, and I love the awl on a sak, so I choose those if it's got to have back tools. But if I can choose to have them as an in-line...
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    "Bond. Leatherman Bond."

    Scissors, saw, and locking blades. Even just original ST type locks. I'm not too picky. Maybe the diamond file/sharpener. Yeah, I'd be hook, line and sinker... I always thought that a saw, plain edge knife, and locking tools would have made the PST II an almost perfect light weight/medium duty...
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    "Bond. Leatherman Bond."

    Maybe it's just me, but it looks like they tried a tid bit too hard to recreate the pst and forgot some of the upgrades and updates... Edited to add, I do like the budget friendly price point, and I've always loved the pst*, so I'll probably end up getting *Was my first Leatherman as a...
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    My buddy: “I have a SAK I found in the attic for you”

    He may have called it by the wrong name, but still a pretty cool gift. Sounds like you have a good friend. I remember having a larger version of the Tough-tool years ago. They were actually pretty decent. But I don't think I had that version.
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    Corkscrew vs Phillips

    I voted for the philips because I do have some minimal use for it. But it's usually too short, or the T-shaped design won't fit in a tight space and spin or it's the wrong size phillips tip or... You get the point. I have little to no use for the corkscrew or the micro screwdriver either. Really...
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    Knife NOT as important as it's "carry" system.....

    Yeah, beltclips kinda suck. The only way I like them is on something that I'm wearing inside waistband, that already rides about right naturally. If it doesn't ride pretty close to right on it's own, I suggest you just don't mess with it. Just my opinion. Even then I bend the bottom edge of the...
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    Svord Peasant Liner Lock

    It's really neat that you got a unique or unusual piece, but yeah, I agree, I'd rather just have the original for carry and use. I hope knifeCenter is cool about it. Please let us know how that turns out.
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    Knife NOT as important as it's "carry" system.....

    HARDBALL, I've come to pretty much the same conclusion. No matter how pretty and high quality a knife is, it's all but useless if you don't have it with you. To the point that it has become a total deal breaker in many cases if I don't like the sheath that comes with the knife. IF I REALLY like...
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    victorinox, what type of steel.

    I'm still not %100 sure what steel they're using. But I am sure that it works well for me and I love my saks. Just wanted to join the fun. Necro-thread, Back from the dead, In April 2021, I'm sure it ain't the only one! Have a great day guys.
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    SAK Scissors Question

    I do like sak scissors and prefer to have them in most cases. However not having them is definitely not a deal breaker either.
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    Need some kydex for a Bark River

    Who here can make me a kydex sheath at a reasonable price? I want a pancake style, heavy kydex sheath with lots of eyelets to fit a Bark River Bravo 1.5. Please let me know if you can make it.
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    Bark River sheath

    Thank you. Guess I should have seen that. Now if you can just tell me how to delete the original post? Lol
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    Bark River sheath

    Good afternoon guys and gals! I kinda need your help please... So today I finally got my first Bark River. I've been wanting to try out this knife for a long while. It's a Bravo 1.5 in cpm 3v. I'm pretty thrilled with the knife. But not so much with the sheath. It's nice leather and well made...