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    Specs And Pricing For The TNT-15 Sword

    Hey fellow hogs, got mine today. Nice and sharp. It’s the first Busse I received with some rust on it. Since it’s already a raw dog finish, will it hurt the value for me to take a rust eraser to it?
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    Aurora Borealis Kodiak Chopper !

    Sent an email yesterday. Thanks
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    End Of Year Blow Out Sale

    The bolo looks incredible, I like the handle design
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    I’ll take it!
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    Fell Beast Pre-Order 52100 +3V Closing 5/15

    Hunter, just want to say I have used my 3v short machete and love it. It's a fantastic weight. May be a new favorite.
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    Congrats on the job. You’ve been going to school sometime, I’m glad you got into the profession you wanted. I have a couple of these and sent back the handles only for the benefit of the doubt. I had used one heavy with no issues. Better safe than sorry I figured. Thanks for being upfront...
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    Siegle Machete/Bolo

    That is a nice score. Glad it sold so quick!
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    Fell Beast Pre-Order 52100 +3V Closing 5/15

    Hey Hunter, are these still at heat treat?
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    Fun Camp Chopper!!!

    Bill, is this hollow ground? Kind of looks like it and that would suprise me considering how many of your blades I have owned over the years.
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    Another Big Bowie!!!!

    Beautiful work as always Bill
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    Fun Camp Chopper!!!

    I like it Bill
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    WSK/Tracker pattern

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    True Grass Machete Pre- Order Closing 10/31

    I have never seen a break like that. Crazy. Thanks for being so open Hunter. I look forward to my next knife from you! P.s. I do terrible things I shouldn't with your blades and they do great!
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    Siegle Gladius

    500 for a new order sounds awfully cheap. That is neat Bill. Looks like a lot of work
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    Khyber Knife

    Nice work Bill. What is the story behind that design. I assume it's supposed to be good for something other than stabbing
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    Ranger pattern evolved

    That is a wonderful hobby to share
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    Khyber Knife

    Nice work Bill
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    Fell Beast Pre-Order 52100 +3V Closing 5/15

    Got my deposit in. Thanks Hunter