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    Which Becker to buy???

    Just to add: I haven't completed my Becker collection yet! Gotta have 'em all...
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    Which Becker to buy???

    I got the 2 and the 9 first. I've added a 7, 11 and 14. I love them all, but the 9 gets the most use: she's simply a delight to play with and one of my favourite knives.
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    Fairly Knives Aficionados Sign up Here!

    Well, I don't have any Fairly Knives but I've been lusting over the titanium backpackers for months! One day I'll get me some titanium goodness; until then I'd like #15 if it's available. Cheers!
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    Cold Steel Parking Lot Sale Spring 2013

    Looks like everyone enjoyed it. I've always wanted to get to at least one of these but the Atlantic Ocean's in the way :(
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    Cold Steel fan group?

    Sounds good to me too!
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    Day 6: Thank You to Our Designers. In Your Honor We Offer a BK22

    It's got to be a BK-9 for me: fantastic all-round knife, big yet not too heavy. Thanks Ka-Bar!
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    Day 2 of Birthday Celebration. Next Up: Foliage Green Fighting/Utility Knife

    Happy birthday Kabar! I've got to say that my favourite is the BK9: fantastic knife. Thanks!
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    Some Woods Time With A Friend and A Few Beckers (photo Hvy)

    Great pics as always Mist. Looks like you guys had a good time; thanks for sharing. I've got to echo everyone else: that Fiddleback looks just beautiful. I don't have any of Andy's blades yet and that looks like it may have to be the one! Have you done a review anywhere?
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    15 stoves and not one works for what I want

    Nice lightweight bits of kit. Always better when it's something you made yourself, well done. I must admit, I tried making the alcohol burners but failed miserably. Everyone talks about how easy they are to make too. Guess I'm just engineering-challenged. Or cack-handed.
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    I have a problem with firesteels.......

    I know what you mean Moose. I have all kinds of firesteels, blanks and handled, all over the place. ESEE, Going Gear,, cheap Chinese ones from Deal Extreme, Light My Fire, the list goes on and on. Knives and firesteels: the one thing you can't have too much of. Sorry, the two...
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    Rodent 4/6, Ratmandu CG or SYKCO 511/711?

    RMD. Possibly my favourite knife ever. The ergos are just so good. Claudiasboris
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    Maiden voyage of the 9 and some ADK pics.

    Kabar's BK9 is a great piece of steel. Definitely one of my favourites! Claudiasboris
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    BK2; MK19 Grenade Launcher; M240B Machine Gun; M2 .50Cal Heavy Machine Gun

    You guys get some great toys to play with! Stay safe! Claudiasboris
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    Hey Eli! Yeah I like the Becker Kool Aid as well as the ESEE juice, there's plenty to love about both! Claudiasboris
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    Isn't it just? I know that it's soft wood but it was incredibly easy to take down with the 9. I'm also always amazed by how light the 9 is, much lighter than I expect for such a useful tool. Claudiasboris
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    I took my 9 out to the garden to process last year's Christmas tree. That knife is so good at wood processing, she's a joy to use. Needed a bit of a sharpening afterwards, but that's no drama with 1095. Didn't even get either. Until I just caught the blade against the inside of my finger after...
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    I really would like your help.........

    I second Kakefat. I'm in the UK and having a knife automatically brands you as a criminal. The press have done such a job on us that there's no way we could get an organisation like that over here. Protect your basic rights! Claudiasboris
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    Hope things start looking brighter for you soon Clich. That's a good little collection you got there dude: quality over quantity. You've got what you need in the woods and when the zombies come calling. Best of luck! Claudiasboris
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    TOPS Wilderness Guide

    Great review as always Mist, I love the way you always include some skills in there as well! Just do me a favour and stop finding more knives for me to want. Please? Claudiasboris
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    Beckerhead and BKT Patches!!!!! Come Get'em....

    Beckerhead 064 from the UK signing up. Following the international posts with interest. Claudiasboris