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    Loving the Ratweiler in SR101 3/16th inch iteration!

    Any others out there digging the thinner Ratweiler? After many years of using the heck out of the classic Basic 9, I am switching gears and using the "anorexic" Ratweiler. I have the mega version as well but it is just a bit too meaty for an all-around camping blade although I believe this...
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    TGULB camp knife

    I have one of those old postal scales which has been used for years. My special edition in A2 clocks in at 1.25 pounds, while the shorter A2 version is around 1.1 pounds. The TGULB weighs in at 0.9 pounds and feels really good in the hands. Actually, I liked the weight of the skinny version...
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    Your steel sweet spot

    Interesting comments here. Back in the day, I snagged a Final Judgement by Fehrman. That knife has kept on ticking through just about everything I can think of. I just use an inexpensive crock stick to clean up the edge and she is ready to roll again. Between that knife and my trusty Basic...
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    So, tell me, how many of you ordered the Mega Ratmandu?

    Some dings have been reported on the fat, rounded out Mega Ratmandu. How many of you guys got in on the action?
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    Christmas In July!!! . . . A BlindGrabBaganzaaa!!! . . . Wed, July 15, 2020 At 9:00 PM Eastern!!!

    Some VERY sweet blades here! Speaking of the Last Rites, did they ever make one in Battle Grade? That has got to be one of the coolest blade shapes to come out of Wauseon. Also, how many were made? Any ideas? Those that scored the Last Rites must have given alms this past Sunday...
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    Christmas In July!!! . . . A BlindGrabBaganzaaa!!! . . . Wed, July 15, 2020 At 9:00 PM Eastern!!!

    I had to laugh just a little bit when I received the email late this afternoon. This is one of those delightful times that will clearly identify if you are in fact, a certified knife addict. A true addict will indeed at least shuffle things around to get in on the half a grand platform. The...
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    Favorite Large Chopper

    A second hats off to the Busse Basic 9. Great tool for chopping. The best one I can imagine is my Black Prince 18 inch machete by True Temper. That thing has been touched up and resharpened more times than I can remember, and the edge is gritty but keen. Cuts above the pay grade! Honorable...
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    E-rat in the shop.........

    Admittedly, these are some splendid sheaths. I wonder what a top grain leather one sporting a burgundy color would look like with this blade? Of all the knives that have come my way in 2019 and now 2020, this one just seems to slide into the hand with great ease and delight. Maybe it is the...
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    The Dogs are BACK.

    A little confused here: so how is this new blade different from the previously offered Mud Mutt? The little video demo looks good. I'll bet this knife will be a super EDC option for those of us who opt for fixed blades. When I first saw the posting title, I thought they were bringing the Dog...
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    Mega Ratweiler Announcement!

    Another really sweet blade that might be a bit on the 'fantasy' side as some have mentioned here, however, I have the RW in 3/16 and 1/4 and both are to be desired. Why not add a Mega to the pack? Bet you a silver dollar the Mega feels close to the thick Hog 8 in the hand. As I have said...
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    FBM Update

    I have both of these knives. And they are close to the same size with the edge going to the BG FBM, but not by much. To my mind, the BG FBM feels quite a bit larger although it really isn't. What I have noticed is that I am more likely to grab the AR 9.5 when I head out into the field. Could...
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    The "Eraticator" Is Coming Wednesday, January 15, 2020 At 9:00PM Eastern.

    My feeling is that this is an odd, somewhat twisted offering from Busse. I like odd and so I am in all the way. This knife will be a classic and a good example of the survival blade that most of us can appreciate. I'll bet you that it will feel close to the Trash 2, another one of my recent...
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    If you could only have 1

    Interesting question! I think I could be quite happy with the Basic 9 or the Camp Tramp. Of course that new Regulator beast would do just about anything I asked of it and then some...or the beloved satin ASHBM offering that ran away with our hearts. My amended vote goes for the new full flat...
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    Any 3/16 inch 6-7 inch blade Busse knives?

    Resinguy: The width on my BG Ratweiler is about 1/8th larger than the Rodent 7, but the blades are the same length and thickness. Handles have a different shape but somehow feel very similar. The Rodent 7 is just a tad lighter than the RW. Of course, everyone has opinions about the ergos...
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    Any 3/16 inch 6-7 inch blade Busse knives?

    Don't know if this fits your bill but what about a Rodent 7? For many moons I carried the Basic 9, but that dog gone Rodent 7 has changed my mind. Perfect fit for the long trek, excellent ergos coupled with a blade that is just about bullet proof! Kind of reminds me of the now long gone Camp...
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    Team Gemini Ultra Light Brigade!!!. . . . Coming Wednesday 9-25-2019!!!!. . . . 9:00 PM Eastern!!!

    I am miles from my trusty postal scale, yet I think my A2 version clocked in at somewhere around 1.25 pounds if my memory isn't failing. This new beast is certainly on the 'light' side of the fence and should make it a breeze to carry while camping or on the hunt. Less weight is often a...
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    First Chopper Knife

    Another vote for the classic B9 (if you can locate one for sale) but try to find the now hardly available Cold Steel Kukri ATC. I had forgotten how damn sharp that thing was. Sweet blade that holds a nice edge!
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    Recommendation? Fallkniven A1pro or TRC Apocalypse (L.CoS or Elmax)

    Burschi, go with an A1 and don't look back. Servus!
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    Which Rockstead folder for heavy use?

    Joining the party kind of late here...however, when I think of Rockstead and 'folder', these two words certainly don't fall into the category of heavy use cutlery, at least not in my book. These knives are more works of functional art than anything else. They are certainly some of the most...
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    Somewhere back in the day, I wrote a mini treatise on this very subject. It had something to do with my utter hate for rusting tools, although back at the farm, my grandfather used a double bit Kelly for years without taking too much care of it. The axe was kept in the shed for the most part...