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    Do you like tanto blades?

    I don’t like them. That shape turns me off, and has proven to keep me from buying knives.
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    940-1 s90v vs Para 3 Grey maxamet

    Cutlery Shoppe Para 3 in XHP, with a Lynch clip. The spoon clip is a fine clip, but the way they line it up on the Para 3 (and Paysan) is ridiculous. XHP is stainless, and has an excellent balance of edge retention and ease of sharpening. Lots of carbide to lean on, and Spyderco seems to be...
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    Anybody else give up on high-end carry?

    Busted! You have successfully pinned the right knife nerd ID badge on me.
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    Anybody else give up on high-end carry?

    I don’t flip knives. I occasionally give them away, but I haven’t sold one on the secondary market for years. Naturally, that means I don’t care about wear vs market value. My attitudes are: 1. If I somehow destroy a knife in use, I have plenty more to use. 2. They don’t feel like they’re...
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    Never Had a Framelock. Are They Uncomfortable?

    QFT. This is consistently where I find emergent ergonomic issues in extended use, when they present.
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    Never Had a Framelock. Are They Uncomfortable?

    The lock type doesn’t lead to discomfort in extended use*. It’s a very simple construction type, allowing for extreme ease of disassembly and maintenance. Because of the exposed lock bar, holding the knife in use further supports lock strength. *For context: leading up to reviews, I do 100-150...
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    Keen is exactly what I thought

    The purple doesn’t have a chalky texture, so it picks up trails less aggressively than the gray, but it does get them. Here’s a link to an IG post I put up yesterday showing age from November to yesterday:
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    Recommendation? Custom clip maker for Laconico Keen

    I don’t know of anyone, personally, but I think Adam Purvis or Karbadize might be worth looking up on IG.
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    High Performance Carbon Steel

    I just daydreamed of you doing folder blades for Todd Rexford, under a shared “B-Rex” mark. “Zirc bolster, black timascus pivot cover, clip, and backspacer, and Rex 121, treated for stability, hardened to 68hrc, wearing a .010” bte grind, on .09” stock, with a hand rub finish.” Every buyer...
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    Keen is exactly what I thought

    Thank you! As time has passed, some of the people behind those — Ray, Sanford, Bill, and Eden, have become friends or friendly acquaintances. With that, my enjoyment of these has only grown.
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    Benchmade 20cv vs s30v

    You know what? Let’s give Benchmade a little more deserved love. Their S90V is pretty solid.
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    Best Hollow Ground Production Knives Under $250

    RIP, WE Rectifier. For a frequent user as a cutting tool (not pry or driver), that model had outstanding cutting geometry for a modern folder. Thin stock, high hollow grind, nice and thin behind the edge. That should be brought back as a core model and kept in production, IMO. Given time, I...
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    Benchmade 20cv vs s30v

    Quoted for truth. Their M4 is excellent. Blows away anything else they’re using right now, despite the fact that their S30V is quite good.
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    Benchmade 20cv vs s30v

    Benchmade is very consistently on the money with their S30V, and their 20CV... In the interest of being positive, let me just say again that Benchmade does S30V very well.
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    XHP Steel – History and Properties

    This is the only steel that I have ever based a buying decision on, unless you count “not D2” as a steel. XXXHP.
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    I don’t expect that many people who know steel would turn up their noses at a steel like 1095, in the right context, when treated right, with good geometry for the application.
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    440c vs Aus 8 vs 9cr18mov

    Goodness. Didn’t notice it jacked up the C listing in graph mode. I rarely use that feature. Thank you for pointing that out.
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    What's with these Youtube knife review videos?

    When all else fails, and you’re not seeing what you want to see, be the change you want to see. Lead by example.
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    440c vs Aus 8 vs 9cr18mov

    9cr18mov isn’t bad. The ratio of carbon to chromium is better for corrosion resistance (more Cr left in solution), less advantageous for carbide formation ( -> wear resistance) as opposed to 440c. All reasonable budget options, imo.