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    Mine is GTG so far.
  2. ron finkbeiner jr

    Some packs and stuff

    Also, the gear in the aforementioned pouches is not included. Any questions [email protected]
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    Some packs and stuff

    Trying to thin out my collection and in truth I was about to walk away from Bushcrafting but because I had some great support from a fine bunch of folks, I won't be. I still need to sell some packs. Soft goods 1) LBT 1476A Gen 3 3dap multicam black, will include some LBX velcro pouches...
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    FS: Multiple knives BIG PRICE DROPS

    I have several blades for sale, prices are reasonably negotiable no low balling please. PayPal G&S only, price includes shipping and tracking with insurance. 1) Spartan Blades Difensa SPF S35VN model black blade and handles with black nylon molle sheath. $325.00 2) Fallkniven S1X with Architect...
  5. ron finkbeiner jr

    Blade of Woe

    No worries, just curious is all.
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    Blade of Woe

    Any updates on Fetcher's knife?
  7. ron finkbeiner jr

    I wonder if recent product moves by LT was a start in different direction...

    All I can tell ya'll is that I am truly sad and heartbroken that the Lynn Thompson and Andrew Demko Era has ended. We'll never see their like ever again.
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    26C3 little bowie

    Sir, if you don't mind me saying, that's one of the prettiest bowies I have seen in a very long time! Well done!
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    Trouble choosing a knife

    Bottom line, situation dictates the knife or knives. That's why I own several different folders. Of those I own my Coldsteel ultimate hunter is my favorite "do all" knife and I have between 2-3 xl hands. I also own a K390 Endura and the 2nd Gen Adamas. Just my opinion.
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    SOLD, 15 DEK1, Delta 3V, AEBL, scales options

    DEK1, 3V, Penetrator tip, green and black micarta.This is my first ever order so let me know if I'm forgetting something. Thanks [email protected]
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    Brother Dan Just Dropped His Latest Upcoming Offer On My Desk!!!. . . Yowza!!!!

    Are they sold out already? What website to order? Thanks
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    Spec Ops combat master esee 6

    Azwelke makes a kydex Liner for that sheath.
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    Nevermind.... Duh... Lol
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    How do I go about ordering a DEK1?
  15. ron finkbeiner jr

    Active EDC Knife?

    Hard to beat a Spyderco K390 Endura. Under $130. And money left over for other kit.
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    Jimmy Lile Inspired.

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    Microtech Spartan Signature Series

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