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  1. JackHammer

    My "town & country" model

    Smart design!
  2. JackHammer

    I'll Take 80%

    Good to hear you're back at work TK!
  3. JackHammer

    Photos Knives & Guns

    A few you might enjoy.
  4. JackHammer

    2 Pocket Tantos with skull crusher - BOTH SOLD

    Almost forgot - pocket sheath, plain & smooth.
  5. JackHammer

    2 Pocket Tantos with skull crusher - BOTH SOLD

    Should I ever have need to use the "skull crusher" I'll be sure to give you a full report. I'll take #2, Paypal on the way.
  6. JackHammer

    The 'WJ' Recurve Hunter - Maple Burl

    Power and beauty! Nice one Paul.
  7. JackHammer

    Northmen Guild Hatchet - Sold

    Northlander Hatchet - Overall length 13", axe head 5.5", weight 1.5 lbs., hardness: Rockwell 59-60. Original owner, had to wait over a year for production, only used once so still in excellent condition. Price $375.00 for USPS Priority shipping. Paypal or USPS money order. No international...
  8. JackHammer

    Gransfors Bruk Wildlife Hatchet - Sold

    Sold to Fosmosis, all other offers were below my asking price.
  9. JackHammer

    Gransfors Bruk Wildlife Hatchet - Sold

    13" handle, leather sheath, light use but still in great shape. $old, with USPS Priority shipping.
  10. JackHammer

    Camping +.companion

    I think I have the sister of that one and it's a tough little sucker!
  11. JackHammer

    The 'Hemmingway' Skinner - Wenge

    Nice one Paul.
  12. JackHammer

    ** SOLD ** The 'Selous' Recurve Camp - Bocote

    Another beauty Paul, and once again congratulations on the birth of your second son!
  13. JackHammer

    What do you cheat on your Busse with?

    My main camp sized knives from Jack O'Neill and Paul Baleta, though I must admit that when there's large chunks of hard wood to be split, I tend to reach for the Boss Jack.
  14. JackHammer

    ** SOLD ** The 'Selous' Recurve Camp - Amboyna Burl

    Shipped from Austria on 2/14 and arrived in Az on 2/19, took only 5 days! Great knife, feels good in the hand.
  15. JackHammer

    Drop Point Hunter - SOLD

    Nice one Mr.O!
  16. JackHammer

    Bird N Trout

    Nice design, I'll take it, PM to follow.