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  1. lmleck

    Welcome back! Current status, known issues, and more.

    Well, it seem the BF is a movin' along.:) Now if my ip provider (COX) can keep up.:mad:
  2. lmleck

    So - I was looking at a switching power supply (retirement)

    I have yet to repair one myself. I have tried, but failed.:rolleyes:
  3. lmleck

    Your physical reaction to having had the vaccine shots

    I got the J&J Jansen single shot last Wednesday. No achy arm, but yesterday and today I had a feeling I lost sleep. I hope I feel better tomorrow,Saturday, as I am going to Wanenmacher Gun show in Tulsa. It takes two days to do it right, but I only go 2/3 of a day and hustle to see and find...
  4. lmleck

    New member

    Start slow and learn, Frank. Larry
  5. lmleck

    Happy Birthday Cougar Allen!

    You wish...:eek::D :rolleyes:
  6. lmleck


    Put me down for the Bucheimer Sam Browne belt $30.00 Larry pm to me your pp addy. Bucks sent!!
  7. lmleck


    $$$ sent your way:D You might edit your info for PP to lessen any chance of it being co-opted
  8. lmleck


    I will be your huckleberry. Send or post your PP info Larry
  9. lmleck

    Kramer holster - SOLD

    Bucks sent Larry
  10. lmleck


    Iwill take this...please pm your pp address Cattaraugus doctors knife- $160 Larry @Mitch Will
  11. lmleck

    I gave it a month......

    Here is a shirt from me and "Willy Nilly." p.s. @mushka has only 7 years on me, same bd.:rolleyes:
  12. lmleck

    2 Pocket Clips: NOS Flat Clip for Original Sebenza. MXG Gear Deep Carry for Small 21.

    I will take the deep carry 21 clip for 30. Please pm me your pp address. Larry
  13. lmleck

    Ray Cover Wharncliffe SOLD

    I will take it. Please pm to me your pp address. Larry
  14. lmleck

    SOLD TA Davison shadow wharncliffe

    I will take it if it is still available...that is the t a davison... Bucks sent your way!!!:D Not now, Elmer!!!:eek:
  15. lmleck


    I hereby rescind my offer to take it. I have received no further responses from prndltech.
  16. lmleck


    I will take it for your counter offer. Larry PM to me your pp info @PRNDLtech
  17. lmleck

    CANAL STREET squeeze lockback folder (SOLD)

    Put it in my pocket, I will take it!!! Larry $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Bucks sent your way!!!:eek:
  18. lmleck

    All Gone - Three custom slip-joint folders

    I will take the Vanreenen, per my pm to you @12:59am today. Please reply w/paypal address. Larry