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  1. Kreyzhorse

    Spyderco Ikuchi S30V Rust

    Carried my Ikuchi earlier this week and noticed what appears to be flecks of rust on the blade in various spots. Knife is a light user at work that occasionally opens a package or my cut up lunch now and again. Basically the same treatment that all of my rotation knives get during the week...
  2. Kreyzhorse

    Double Post

    Double post.
  3. Kreyzhorse

    Reveal 8 Released!

    So say I as well.....
  4. Kreyzhorse

    Spydersaw and OKC Cerberus

    3rds on the Spydersaw.
  5. Kreyzhorse

    Hinderer XM 18 Carbon Fiber Tanto

    Replied w pictures.
  6. Kreyzhorse

    Hinderer XM 18 Carbon Fiber Tanto

    Replied. Pictures sent.
  7. Kreyzhorse

    Hinderer XM 18 Carbon Fiber Tanto

    Replied and pictures sent.
  8. Kreyzhorse

    Hinderer XM 18 Carbon Fiber Tanto

    Hey BF, Very light user with box and brass hardware up for trade. Excellent knife in great condition. I'm not into Hinderers much any more and looking to pass it on. Not looking for anything in particular, but would like to trade for a CRK but am open for offers. Shoot me a PM or email...
  9. Kreyzhorse

    Small 31 Natural Micarta

    I assume box etc?
  10. Kreyzhorse

    Hinderer XM 18 Carbon Fiber Tanto

    Howdy, Mostly interested in CRK but open to anything. I prefer smaller blades BTW. The Hinderer is a tanto blade with carbon fiber scales and brass hardware. Has been sharpened and used but is in excellent condition. [email protected] for pictures. Thanks for looking.
  11. Kreyzhorse

    Small CRK KA Inkosingo

    email sent.
  12. Kreyzhorse

    Spyderco Ikuchi

    I've never had any issues with a Spyderco, or other knife until the Ikuchi. It would cut you closed. That isn't being anal over a knife in my opinion. Granted, with stones you could fix it, but it was a pretty common problem to what was a pretty good knife. After selling mine, I...
  13. Kreyzhorse

    Spyderco Ikuchi

    I would prefer a slightly shorter version as well, but this one is right at my limit of pocket carry and and it carries well.
  14. Kreyzhorse

    Spyderco Ikuchi

    Quick update after a few days in pocket. Obviously I've had this knife previously and I think it feels great in pocket and in hand. The improved opening method is much better. It opens smoother and with less effort and I haven't tore my fingernail up yet trying to flick it up. The blade...
  15. Kreyzhorse

    Spyderco Ikuchi

    Hey BF, I owned, and a sold, a 1st gen Ikuchi. I liked it, but was disappointed in the ability of the knife to cut you when it was closed. A file mostly took care of that, but not entirely. I also wasn't thrilled with the action. I thought it was great in theory, but was fairly...
  16. Kreyzhorse

    Benchmade or Spyderco

    I have both, but I tend to lean towards Spyderco and think that their designs are more original. Both make excellent knives however.