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  1. GeofS

    New State & Union OSF Folders Now Available

    Just arrived. It’s very nice, smooth action, and very solid. I hope they make other blade shapes in the future but the spear point is growing on me…
  2. GeofS

    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    Nice right? The titanium scales give it a more solid feel.
  3. GeofS

    Off Topic Springtime is lovely for a stroll in the snark

    Almost another weekend, fellas! I’m so ready for the autumn weather to set in.
  4. GeofS

    Coming this Spring - KA-BAR Becker BK40 Folder

    I’ll share my thoughts when it’s in hand.
  5. GeofS

    Bacon delicious Bacon

    400° for 15 minutes. A large off-brand I got from Jeff Bezos a few years back.
  6. GeofS

    Bacon delicious Bacon

    Soft with a little crisp. My new favorite is to make nuggets; roll up each slice and air fry them. They get a nice crisp exterior but are warm and chewy on the inside. They’re perfect on a blt…
  7. GeofS

    How do you buy your Beckers?

    Becker’s are awesome. I have one or two…
  8. GeofS

    The "Ask Nathan a question" thread

    Awesome! Thank you, sir.
  9. GeofS

    The "Ask Nathan a question" thread

    Hi Nathan, I am thinking about dyeing the natural micarta on my recently received Kephart (which is awesome btw). Can you provide any tips for taking the scales off? The screws really don’t seem to want to move. Thanks, Geof
  10. GeofS

    Bradford Guardian 3.5 Screw Question

    Thank you, fellas. Apparently, I wasn’t aware that there were both slotted and round spanner bits. Once I got the right bits, I still had problems as they simply wouldn’t turn. Even with heat. I emailed Bradford asking if there was a trick. I got a response back from Brad Larkin directly...
  11. GeofS

    Bradford Guardian 3.5 Screw Question

    Anybody know what size spanner bit I need to get the screws off? I have both #4 and #6; both are too big. Thank you!
  12. GeofS

    CLOSED, Pre-order, Kephart

    Got mine today. Gorgeous work, @Nathan the Machinist! Thank you! What a duo!
  13. GeofS

    Off Topic Springtime is lovely for a stroll in the snark

    Happy Father’s Day weekend, Beckerheads!
  14. GeofS

    Off Topic Springtime is lovely for a stroll in the snark

    No cicadas on Long Island; I am truthfully disappointed. I was hoping to see them. Says something about man’s influence on the environment/ecology and what it’s saying isn’t anything good. Conversely, any Beckerheads have any strategies for dealing with mosquitos? I hope to use my backyard...
  15. GeofS

    11inch BK2

    Thank you, bud. :)
  16. GeofS

    11inch BK2

    Custom in 5160… It’s a chopping beast that bites hard! If you’ve used a 20, 29, or 21, its balance is not much different. I’d buy an official in a heartbeat.
  17. GeofS

    My New Gollik Tanto

    Gorgeous… 6” tanto blade in elmax
  18. GeofS

    Custom orders

    I own three Gollik knives. All three are great knives. In addition to being gorgeous, they are all built like a tank. He is meticulous in his design and execution and is a pleasure to work with. I anticipate another commission very soon!
  19. GeofS

    Open Letter to KA-BAR

    That new State & Union titanium flipper being featured on Instagram today is a definitive step in the right direction, @OFFICIAL_KA-BAR. Looks like the Mark 98 mixed with a Spartan Harsey Folder. I want one! Or four!