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    Radiation treatment starts October 19th

    All blessings on you and luck with your treatment.
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    Yvsa Flute Music

    Yvsa was cool. I miss him. He got me educated on how to get a truly sharp edge on a kuk more than anybody.
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    Suga Farm Knife and Trisuli Gau special for 2/19

    Wow that one is like a tanto angkola bowie!
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    Ray Mear's Wolfspyder

    I have been looking at these. That's high praise because that Enzo Birk I just love. Deploys faster than an auto and great blade. I almost always carry one around the farm.
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    Longterm Review: Fallkniven F1

    I had a Buck 110 that snapped like that. I had it since 1975 or 6. In 93 a friend was cutting some rope with it and the blade snapped off. Same as you, I looked at it and it appeared that there was a micro crack where the blade joins the tang and there was only about 1/4 inch or so of metal...
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    Skills Covid 19 craft project

    Not going out much these days...getting to hike in my woods now again that I have a new hip. The hiking dwindled to near zero from 2012 to 18 before it got FIXED. Anyway been picking some dog bane on my hikes and here's some fun with it: Dogbane harvested Removing outer bark Pulling off...
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    Attention Another Monster Ceremonial Drawing. It's time.

    Kismet, don't want to junk up the thread, I'll email you. Sadly Jasper died about a year ago. 27 years old. Still have the herd of goats though.
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    Attention Another Monster Ceremonial Drawing. It's time.

    Hey Kismet? How's it going?
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    Mors Kochanski - very sad news, thoughts, prayers...and cards.

    If we could all aspire to have inspired as many people as him to enjoy the woods and nature, and also to come together with other enthusiasts in a communal way where they enjoyed each others company as he did, the world would truly be a better place. Sad to see him gone.
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    WTB: Ruger Carbine .44mag

    I had a friend in High School with one. Tack driver it was.
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    Dan Koster Kickstarter Disaster

    I always liked Dan and still do. No bad dealings but nothing bought recently. His first gen bushcraft knife is one of my favorite knives still. If we are talking about HI alumni I'd say where Dan messed up was he did not do like Fiddleback. When he got to a certain size he scaled his production...
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    What do you do if you are twisted up in the woods?

    I've never got really lost but I'm a bit dyslexic so there's been times when I'm going and the compass says I'm going right and I'm like "This can't be right" but it turns out ok. One of the best bits of advice Nessmuk: "Don't argue with the compass" Amen. I HAVE got off the path a few times...
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    Been thinking about Proenekke.

    I used to carry a super heavy pack and had to rest like every mile or so. Then I started reading Nessmuk and Mors etc and cut way back. In the summer I've gone on 3 or 4 day trips with a small day pack. I love knives so a lot of times I'll bring more than what I need but really like...
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    Mors Kochanski - very sad news, thoughts, prayers...and cards.

    Not sure if you were talking to me, since you didn't quote me. I used to work at a paint plant where they made asbestos paint in my college years and several of my pals there died of mesothelioma due to their exposure and it was a sad thing.
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    Mors Kochanski - very sad news, thoughts, prayers...and cards.

    Oh that's sad. Wonder if he has a history of asbestos exposure?
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    Send smoke and prayers for Bura Kami

    Miss you Bura. He made some great blades that went round the world.
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    Off Topic Sad news

    Sorry to hear Ted.
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    RIP Charlie Mike

    That's sad. I haven't been around much but I always enjoyed his posts in the past. He was a pretty young guy right?? Seems as I remember him talking about some issues related to being in war. Too bad. I hate it when nice folks leave our world.
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    Howard and Danhua warm welcome to Reno

    Looks like a great get together!