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  1. FAL'ER

    Desert tan Beckers

    I had a bk77 for a few years . The tan had a pinkish tone to it which really didn't bother me all that much. I brought it up to Ethan and he said " yep, titty pink" , I guess he never liked the color. I dont remember why i moved it along, wish I still had it. The handles were cool.
  2. FAL'ER

    Give away-Busse "dog" tag

    In please.
  3. FAL'ER

    New Swag!

    There might be something to people sending you whiskies for pics at your cabin.
  4. FAL'ER

    How about a West Coast gathering?

    You bad boy!
  5. FAL'ER

    throwing a busse

    Naw, screw that.
  6. FAL'ER

    throwing a busse

    One of the Beckerheads has a Battle Grade Fusion steel heart that he always brings to our BeckerWest gatherings, We throw it a this gnarly old knotty tree on and off all weekend, just trying to break it. We've been doing that for years. I feel like the guy that owns the knife doesn't expect it...
  7. FAL'ER

    Why No More BK 20's

    I'm kinda Ok with the limited editions. It's cool to have 1 or 2 of 450 made. But, I get that it does leave people wanting. If I know a knife is coming out and there is only gonna be 125 or 450 of them, I figure out a way to make it happen and then sell it/trade it off later. I know that won't...
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    BeckerWest Fall 2021 Nov.12th-14th

    Things to bring, big heavy duty sleeping bag, tent with a heater in it, large woman, wood.
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    How about a West Coast gathering?

    Ya, it's us mostly sitting around a camp fire with running our mouths and a bottle of something being passed around. Truly a good time
  10. FAL'ER

    How about a West Coast gathering?

    It's already set up for November, Bend oregon. It's Becker knife and tool based., but there will be many Busse' present. We've been doing these twice a year since 2011 Here's some details,
  11. FAL'ER

    BeckerWest Fall 2021 Nov.12th-14th

    I screwed up not setting one up in the spring. Regarding the location, this is in the Pine Mountain observatory area. Plenty of places to shoot, plenty of camping area . Should be cold in November, ive been there in December and the temp ranged from 12 to about 35 degrees.
  12. FAL'ER

    BeckerWest Fall 2021 Nov.12th-14th

    I really can't wait. I dont know if ka Bar is sending out a box this go round. They've been overly supportive of previous events though, cant say enough good about them. Contests might be for bragging rights.
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    My BK7 has a scratch

    aw, hell yeah!
  14. FAL'ER

    Yard Wharncliffe!!

    send me a PM, I've got an extra one of those.
  15. FAL'ER

    Yard Wharncliffe!!

    Your wanting a WS 1020?
  16. FAL'ER

    Yard Wharncliffe!!

    I always gotta fix them up. To get that perfect apex.
  17. FAL'ER

    HR1 vs HR2

    The HR 2 has longer blade near 8". Missed the part about handles.
  18. FAL'ER

    Possible Pre BJ BKT Dive

    Looks real, Cincinatti maybe. Handles look Estalok. Bladeite would know.
  19. FAL'ER

    Yard Wharncliffe!!

    Looks like I missed this one.
  20. FAL'ER

    Busse & Swamp Rat Knives For Sale

    I'll take the skinny ASH1 if its available. *paypal sent