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  1. nyefmaker

    Did Chris Reeve do the unthinkable? - Big Changes Sebenza

    Pricing themselves right out of the market. They are no longer the best knives for the $$ anyways and now going to charge even more. CRK has become a William Henry of sorts at this point.
  2. nyefmaker

    CGG and Damascus care

    I have carried and used CRK Damascus throughout the years for pretty much everything. Mainly the Devin Thomas SS Damascus. The only thing that I have seen “lighten” the Damascus and show some wear is cutting cardboard. Obviously any metal contact on the blade can and will put a hairline...
  3. nyefmaker

    Is this real or fake? Chris Reeve Mountaineer on sale

    It’s a Genuine CRK OPK Mountaineer 1.
  4. nyefmaker

    Confused about this older Sebenza?

    Those early UG’s Chris did himself. Best of the Best right there
  5. nyefmaker

    Monkey Edge Frag Umnumzaan

    Looks really cool. Would like to have one but at regular prices.
  6. nyefmaker

    The CRK Anticipation Thread - Show Your 'Inbound's!

    Got this one yesterday.
  7. nyefmaker

    Let me vent!

    Awhile after the regulars were discontinued, CRK had an abundance of blades, I am guessing more than they figure they would need for warranty work and made them available for the regulars. I know of several who bought blades during this short time. It wasn’t until once they were gone that...
  8. nyefmaker

    Blade Show 2021 CAD Custom Impinda

    Is it a particular mountain range...? A couple pics of Everest resemble it.
  9. nyefmaker

    Blade Show 2021 CAD Custom Impinda

    Wow. Would LOVE to have that one
  10. nyefmaker

    Let me vent!

    Just an example of nothing really has a “individual lifetime warranty. This term pretty much Only applies to the “lifetime” that a model is made. Very Very few companies make the same models for generations. The Buck 110 as mentioned is one of the very few that really hasn’t changed. And...
  11. nyefmaker

    Sebenza 31 Lunar - Daily user?

    The Lunar Landing is among the current crop of Computer Generated Graphics being offered by CRK. It also has the distinction of being available in a 21 as well as the newer 31. I have a large Lunar Landing 21 but haven’t carried it. I do carry several other CGG’s and UG’s though and they are...
  12. nyefmaker

    Recommendation? Grease VS Oil, the great debate...

    I have only ever used the CRK grease in all the years I have owned CRK.
  13. nyefmaker

    Sm. Reg Trailing Moon Sebenza-user SOLD

    Damn.... gave it away. 3rds
  14. nyefmaker

    Purpose/Reason/Meaning for "V" stamp on blade tang ??

    It is. But since I added to it I guess it put it in the general conversations as well.
  15. nyefmaker

    Purpose/Reason/Meaning for "V" stamp on blade tang ??

    I added the info to my Blade Steel Timeline. I also added a pic showing the different styles of the "V" used as its to distinguish RC. Enjoy.
  16. nyefmaker

    Chris Reeve Knives History Timeline To Date & Blade Steel Timeline

    Adding this as it explains the difference in the “V” markings on the CRK folders. It’s to identify the RC Hardness on the blades.
  17. nyefmaker

    Purpose/Reason/Meaning for "V" stamp on blade tang ??

    I added it to my blade steel timeline. I also added a pic showing the differences in the shape of the "V" distinguishing RC.
  18. nyefmaker

    What year did Chris Reeves leave CRK?

    I have had a vastly different experience with each of them and my point is On Point.
  19. nyefmaker

    Why we choose CRK

    Is this reference to the lock rock 31’s...? Or old services that are now discontinued like refinishing the surface of graphics...? Anytime a model is discontinued ( one of the latest being the 21 ), services change. Can’t expect them to stock parts forever, but should have enough on hand to...
  20. nyefmaker

    Why we choose CRK