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  1. Piso Mojado

    Best binoculars around $100

    If the recipient will be backpacking 10+ miles over hill and dale, then weight is the most important consideration. Look at 8x25 compacts and compare weights, they vary considerably. Small sizes are easier for older children to handle. (There are plastic children's binoculars for the little...
  2. Piso Mojado

    Best binoculars around $100

    Help us with your intended use or uses. Birding? Hunting? Marine? Astronomical? A night at the opera? Will they stay at home or travel with you? If they'll travel, how will you carry them? Suitcase? Car? Jacket pocket or backpack? Which is more important to you, field of vision or compact size...
  3. Piso Mojado

    Getting started in archery

    You might consider a throwing sling AKA shepherd sling. If you enjoy any sport based on throwing (baseball) or swatting (handball), slinging is a natural extension of your skill. Everyone begins with small slings and small stones at backyard range. One end of the sling has a finger loop. Tape...
  4. Piso Mojado

    All time favorite TV shows

    Comedy: The Ernie Kovacs Show, Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows, The Jackie Gleason Show, Monty Python's Flying Circus Science Fiction: Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica (the 21st century version), Doctor Who 1974-81 (Tom Baker as the Doctor) Westerns: Gunsmoke...
  5. Piso Mojado

    What watch do you wear?

    Orient Tri Star EM70-C0-B A '70s retro reissue that didn't stick around long. I like faceted crystals but they are scratch magnets. So I like this watch but I don't wear it very often.
  6. Piso Mojado

    Should I worry about Sak scales?

    Opaque red cellidore shows scratches the least. Translucent cellidore is the prettiest and a good choice for a present. Nylon is the strongest, and you don't worry about its finish because it has none.
  7. Piso Mojado

    What does your bladeforums username mean?

    If anyone needs a new screen name, I make you a present of Potatoes O'Brien. I would have used it if I'd known how to cook it.
  8. Piso Mojado

    Smallest SAK with a magnifying glass?

    The 58mm Classic was designed by Carl Elsener Sr., who became Victorinox CEO in 1950. It went into production in 1952 and was awarded a U.S. patent in 1955. The Classic and its variants pay the rent for the rest of Victorinox's knife business. Victorinox's current CEO, Carl Elsener Jr., was...
  9. Piso Mojado

    Your own physical reaction to having had the vaccine shots

    Had my Pfizer-BioNTech booster shot at 6:30 PM yesterday, exactly 6 months after my second vaccination shot. No side effects except for mild soreness at the injection site, and only when I touch it. I had my flu shot (quadrivalent double dose) one inch above the Covid booster and I cannot tell...
  10. Piso Mojado

    Cat People

    Lulu and Mittens, the Konja cat kittens. My stepson in Vietnam adopted two Thai cats. Thai cats have overrun Southeast Asia. There are five breeds: Suphalak, Wichien Maat, Korat, Khao Manee, and Konja cats. They once had eighteen! Wichien Maat are the Siamese cats we have here, but the...
  11. Piso Mojado

    Micro Brand watches ?

    Pagani Design review posted.
  12. Piso Mojado

    What watch do you wear?

    Yes, it does. And it looks even more like Laco Navy (no seconds sub-dial). Naval deck watches were news to me. Thanks! The difference is, those German watches are tool watches with luminous dials. Mine is a dress watch with no lume at all, and I still think it copies an IWC dress watch. But...
  13. Piso Mojado

    What watch do you wear?

    Pagani Design PD-YS003 It looks like an IWC dress watch, not current production and I don't know which one. IWC makes really nice $6,000 Swiss watches. Pagani Design is in Guangzhou, Guangdong, PRC. They have no connection with Horacio Pagani who designs and builds $2.6 million super cars...
  14. Piso Mojado

    What does your bladeforums username mean?

    I thought you'd appreciate this: Ramses II dispatching a Temehou adversary with his khopesh. Egyptian art was rarely weapon-realistic but this is, at least for the khopesh.
  15. Piso Mojado

    Victorinox Swisscard I found, why can't I find this one anywhere online?

    Information on Victorinox's SwissCard: Your tool list sounds like a SwissCard Classic. The original SwissCard was patented in 1996 and entered production in 1997. How do you access the scissors? If there is a dimple in the case, that is the...
  16. Piso Mojado

    Victorinox 'Delémont' series quality vs 'original' Victorinox quality

    Bargeon AKA Gimel AKA Gimel-Bargeon et Cie SARL (Gimel-Bargeon & Co. LTD) is an old French knife maker best known here for automatic knives, but they made everything. The French commercial directory I checked says they are out of business (entry dated 12/31/2000). For more information ask in...
  17. Piso Mojado

    Victorinox 'Delémont' series quality vs 'original' Victorinox quality

    A joke? Sorry, I'm half awake . . . just woke up at my desk with computer still on. Time for bed. Bergeon S.A. is a well-known Swiss manufacturer of watchmaking tools. Amazon has pages of their stuff and Chinese junk counterfeits. For anything more than a spring bar tool, check the internet...
  18. Piso Mojado

    Victorinox 'Delémont' series quality vs 'original' Victorinox quality

    In case you find a used Wenger Micro Tool Chest 16109 (the "Daily" version with Cellidor scales), most of its micro-tools were Bergeon parts from their very expensive Watchmaker's Service Tool Kits, and those parts can be ordered from internet dealers in watchmaker and jeweler supplies if you...
  19. Piso Mojado

    Victorinox 'Delémont' series quality vs 'original' Victorinox quality

    I suspect that Wenger's plethora of highly specialized knives was part of its failure as a knife manufacturer. They had no less than three knives for emergency bicycle repair, but my favorite was their watchmaker's knife, the Minathor. According to SAKwiki, Minathor is a contraction of mini...