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    Entropic finish PM2 Titanium Scales Giveaway!

    I also think they would look great on my normal s30v, or even on an s110v. Awesome looking work and thank you for the opportunity!
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    Swick 5/6

    Really appreciate the updates. Seems like everyone is a little bit thrown off from COVID. Still excited for this model
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    Poll: Preferred Blade Finish

    I like the look of a nicely done satin, it makes the knife feel finished to me. Although I do enjoy a variety of finishes! Really depends on the asthenic of the knife.
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    Tanto PM2!!

    No idea, but hopefully th next run is non coated. The grind on this one is really good looking IMO, it would be a shame to have the only version of this one black, even though I do love the DLC!
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    Please pardon the shameful sales pitch - Rock Jumper

    Thanks for the insight behind the design, I particularly enjoy getting to hear about the nuances of why certain elements exist. This one is on the short list for the collection -- I really enjoy the ergos on my stretch, and this wharncliffe blade looks great.
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    PM2 Blade Shapes

    Good point about other models. One thing I like about Spyderco is the constant release of new and different things. I don't think that new shapes should be instead of what we currently have, just in addition to the standard. Ina fashion that mirrors the delica family.
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    PM2 Blade Shapes

    BLUF: Anyone interested in more PM2 blade shape variants? Recently the PM2 (my favorite knife pattern) has gotten 2 "new blade types," the sabre ground Emerson opener blade, and the Tanto blade. I bought one of the tantos, and I love it. It seems like these variations have generated a fair...
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    Also for anyone wondering, I was able to disassemble and access the pivot bearings without too much trouble. If the pins are your only reservation about the knife, I would go ahead and get it.
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    I'll throw in my 2 cents. This knife is a winner, here are some observations on the quality, good and bad: Good: Outstanding blade, nice and thin (to me) without seeming fragile. Solid lockup. Really nice ergos, my pinky falls off a little bit when I lay back on the knife, but it's great with...
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    I have got one on the way; the bearings are just fine in my book, harder to clean out but not too big of an issue for a knife like this that ai don't expect to really get that dirty. As aea plus, they seem to make the action great on this knife. The pinned construction is a bummer, but not in...
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    My perfect Delica

    Nice job. Deep carry clips aren't my cup of tea, but the resin idea is a cool mod. Did you use some kind of mold to keep the edges square?
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    Flash Giveaway! Blue Hinderer Investigator Pen

    I'm in! Thanks for the GAW!
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    Old and Forgetful?

    I always try and refer my associates who qualify to Spyderco's OpFocus program when it is appropriate to do so. One of the most classy moves by any knife company I have seen. Quality makes me a customer model to model. Spyderco's communication here, innovation, and their clear respect for those...
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    Co-Hosted Kizer Knife Giveaway has been given away!

    Count me in as well, please. Great giveaway, very generous of you.
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    How to assemble a Spyderco Endura

    Great post OP! Hopefully this can help people out who don't have experience with these knives. I remember trying to figure out how to put together a delica years ago. Took me longer than I'd like to admit to figure it out.
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    Tanto PM2!!

    I have one of these on the way, pretty darn expensive, but I have wanted a tanto PM2 for quite a few years now, it would be a shame not to have it in my collection. At the time I'm posting 15 min after the drop, they are still available. Hopefully the run is large enough that everyone who...
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    Hope it's okay to post this here...Introduction/feedback

    The wood on the top picture looks beautiful, nice work.
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    Can’t wait for new Spyderco K390 series

    The delica isn't for me, but the endela or stretch would be cool to see. My K390 PM2 is awesome; this has potential to be a really cool lineup.
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    School me on strider sng

    Also let's stop asking vets or possible AD members to identify themselves online. It's tacky.
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    School me on strider sng

    The topic of Mr. Strider being stolen valor has been discussed as nauseum on the this forum. The guy is stolen valor, and to me that is one of the most scumbag things you can do. I will not buy anything he is a part of. Stolen valor is disgusting, I shouldn't have to explain why. We can prove...