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    Automatic Bowie

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    13 Dagger

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    M. K. - “Crown of thorns” /SOLD/

    Absoultely awesome. I think that is my favorite of yours.
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    Kukri Machete Combo

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    Large fossil Walrus artifact dagger w/stand SOLD"

    Man, you gotta be quick if you want one of Dan's knives.
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    Talisman w/carbon fiber

    Man that trips my trigger. Very nice.
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    "Lil Gem" fossil walrus knife w/sheath "SOLD"

    Another beauty Dan.
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    Scagel style hunter

    Knife arrived today, it's brilliant.
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    Hand Forged Gun Blued Spiked Hawk (SOLD)

    I'll take the next one sight unseen.
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    Hand Forged Gun Blued Spiked Hawk (SOLD)

    Make more please.
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    EDC/Neck knife w/ fluted bronze accents (sold)

    I was just thinking the other day that I need another one of your knives. I'll take this one.
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    Scagel style hunter

    I'll take it. Paypal incoming.
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    Semi subhilt humback hunter (withdrawn)

    Beautiful Alan. I carry one of your knives everyday.
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    Beautifully wicked, I love it.
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    Exotic skins.....I guess I'm an addict!

    Looks awesome Paul. FYI I am loving the exoics you made for me. Best money I ever spent.
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    Latest Frontier Knives

    Love it.