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  1. sheathmaker

    Lets see your CPK in Leather!

    Chad is one of the absolute best makers out there. great work! Paul
  2. sheathmaker

    Fort Worth Knife Show

    You are very welcome (for the schooling) By your own words "in my limited experience".......the horse show set is populated by many of the same folks who have pockets deep enough to afford fine custom knives along with Horses and tack and the salaries and fees charged by their trainers who...
  3. sheathmaker

    Fort Worth Knife Show

    Oh, Brownshoe your apparent ignorance of cowboy artisans is on full display. You can tell by my screen name I'm fairly well known and connected to the kinfe community and my work with LEATHER is well accepted.............but in a previous life I was a cowboy, yeah a real one. I can further...
  4. sheathmaker

    Photos SharpByCoop's Gallery of Handmade Knives

    Hey Jim, that Friedly is WAY BEYOND spectacular. Dennis is known for his art knives, but this time he even surpassed himself, As did you with your photography!
  5. sheathmaker

    Any collectors left? Any new ones?

    I never thought of myself as a collector, but I have, in fact, collected many, many of the world's finest knives for a few days at a time, ( and the neat thing is I get paid to do it). The very best part of it is the many very good and close friends I've gained as a result, makers, collectors...
  6. sheathmaker

    Lets see your CPK in Leather!

    Bill, that is one fine sheath! Elegant simplicity with perfect finish. None better.
  7. sheathmaker

    Randall Brown Snap Button

    If you do find an old sheath with the button intact, it will be destroyed during the removal and the button cannot be reattached.
  8. sheathmaker

    Welp I'm going to try to make a sheath: two things.

    The butterfly stamp is a generic 3D from Tandy/LF. Do your home work before you have Spyderco, and Benchmade stamps made. Those logos are proprietary and protected by trademark law. The companies involved have to give written permission for the licensed use to keep you out of trademark...
  9. sheathmaker

    I've got a quandry

    TanKote will act as a resist and make the area water resistant. Dyes (any type), neatsfoot oil, or water for wet forming will not penetrate uniformly or completely. TanKote is the last application you should make. Wet form, Oil, Dye, then top finishes, at least that's my routine.
  10. sheathmaker

    Leather sheath needed

    All my contact information is below. Give me a call and we'll discuss what you want done.
  11. sheathmaker

    New knife to mark my return to the forum.

    You were, and you remain one of the top makers in the world, both steel and leather.
  12. sheathmaker

    Lets see your CPK in Leather!

    All the orders i had are filled and the last three will mail today and among them will be Richard's CPK Dagger which was used to test fit the sheaths. So any further orders will have to send me thier dagger. I have the pattern developed, but still need to do the final fit with the dagger...
  13. sheathmaker

    Lets see your CPK in Leather!

    Chad, you are amazing and your work is amazing too. NO ONE is better at your style. Consistency!! Not easy to accomplish ,but you nail it. Great work.
  14. sheathmaker

    Hole size question

    Chris, that diagonal hole sheath is beyond super! You should be VERY proud of that one.
  15. sheathmaker

    CPK Boot Daggers

    The loaner dagger arrived and we'll get this party under way. I have eleven of you guys on the build list so it will be maybe as long as two weeks before the last sheath makes it to your door barring any unexpected delays.
  16. sheathmaker

    Lets see your CPK in Leather!

    @duramax: great design and execution, even greater job with that tricky stamp One very minor observation, your border stamp is a little weak compared to the depth of the central stamping. Great job overall!
  17. sheathmaker

    CPK Boot Daggers

    Senor Frog, check post #378 for the map to many photos of my various works.
  18. sheathmaker

    CPK Boot Daggers

    I received word today from Richard, that Jo will ship the test dagger to me today 11/12 20 so I should have it in hand in the next few days and we can get started.
  19. sheathmaker

    CPK Boot Daggers

    A little update. I've been getting email questions..."has the dagger arrived?" The answer is not yet. I will post in this thread when it arrives.
  20. sheathmaker

    Leather Knives......

    Well, if you have been using a utility knife "for years" the that brings into question "newbie", but i digress. You almost answered your own question. Serious professional leather craftsmen almost all use a round knife and in many cases a dedicated straight flexible blade for skiving. There...