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  1. 00ChevyScott

    Is there a Kershaw/Kai rep here?

    Thomas was a cool dude. So was Jimmer
  2. 00ChevyScott

    2020 Seconds Sale - BREAKING NEWS

    I wonder if there will be any 52100
  3. 00ChevyScott

    2020 Seconds Sale - BREAKING NEWS

    Managed to snag some knives. Took an hour. 2 FRN Natives and 2 Maxamet PM2s
  4. 00ChevyScott

    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    Putting the 52100 PM2 to work
  5. 00ChevyScott

    Just pix of knives

    What fixed blade is that?
  6. 00ChevyScott

    PM2 vs Shaman: A New Look

    What's the point of this? People have preferences.
  7. 00ChevyScott

    ALL SOLD: A Purvis Progeny / 0392BLK

    Curious what the 0392blk sold for. Always wanted one but not sure what the 2nd hand market price is. Thanks
  8. 00ChevyScott

    Spyderco HK Benchmade

    Weird, I must have messed up typing it the first time. Resent payment just now.
  9. 00ChevyScott

    Spyderco HK Benchmade

    Funds sent. ETA: I assumed the email listed was your payal address as well. Cancelled the payment. Please respond to my email with your PayPal addresss. Thanks
  10. 00ChevyScott

    Spyderco HK Benchmade

    I’ll take the DLC PM2 with the black clip for $10 less