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  1. bakerg2g

    "Old Knives"

    Here's an old Amber Stag Shapleigh Hdw Company jack knife. Nice old knife with some amazing old amber stag stag! It's nice and round! very tight, excellent walk and talk. Love the swedges. Jason
  2. bakerg2g

    Kerry Hampton Knives

    Looks great Kerry! Grinds look awesome, nice and thin. Jason
  3. bakerg2g

    "Old Knives"

    Here's an old KA-BAR Trapper 1920's, 4-1/4. nice old Greenbone! Jason
  4. bakerg2g

    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    Had these two with me today... Bret Dowell 4" Serpentine Trapper and this old Winchester 3-1/4" Junior Cattle knife... Jason
  5. bakerg2g

    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    Got these two with me today. "Pimped" Case Swayback jack and a 4" Kerry Hampton Panama Trapper Jason
  6. bakerg2g

    Tony Bose NKCA Paring Knives

    Nice deal Vince! It's awesome of you and Tony to take time to do this... Jason
  7. bakerg2g

    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    Got these two with me today... "Menefee Made" Lanny's clip and this old Winchester Junior Cattle knife. Jason
  8. bakerg2g

    Ken Erickson Knives: A Retrospective

    I know the Remington pattern is flush with the Bolster! I'm sure Ken's is as well. Jason
  9. bakerg2g

    Rick Menefee Knives...

    Couple more knives Rick has made for me... Lanny's clip with jigged bone and a Tear Drop jack with African Blackwood. Jason
  10. bakerg2g

    Rick Menefee Knives...

    Nice Corey! all three look great. I know they're all extremely sharp as well. Here's my Dogleg with Wharncliffe secondary. very useful blade. Black lien micarta. Jason
  11. bakerg2g

    Ken Erickson Knives: A Retrospective

    Great pattern! Looks like it's going to be dead on! Hard to beat an old Remington! Congrats... Jason
  12. bakerg2g

    3 3/8 ivory gunstock SOLD

    Looks great buddy! Ivory is fantastic. Jason
  13. bakerg2g

    Oeser Knives...

    Looks GREAT Jared! That pattern is my favorite of all Cattle knives! you did an outstanding job on it! Very well done! Congrats my friend.. Jason
  14. bakerg2g

    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    Got these two with me today! a Bret Dowell Serpentine Trapper and a Winchester junior Cattle knife.. Jason
  15. bakerg2g

    Rick Menefee Knives...

    Looks like a dandy Corey! It's a great pattern, I enjoy using mine. The wharncliffe secondary is very useful... Congrats to you both! Jason
  16. bakerg2g

    2000 (10 dot) CASE Trapper (REDUCED)...

    I'm selling this 2000 (10 dot) Case Trapper 3-1/2 closed. Dark Red jigged bone handles, stainless steel blades, wonderful condition! Comes with box! Has been carried a few times but nothing major at all! It's a very nice example! Plus it's a 10 dot! ** $30.00** includes shipping, USPS Priority...
  17. bakerg2g

    SOLD! Thx for looking...

    SPF to Eric! Thanks buddy! message sent. Jason
  18. bakerg2g

    Rick Menefee Knives...

    Rick, That Diamond Edge Cattle knife sure is a looker! I knew it was going to be a dandy, but you went above and beyond with that one ole' buddy! It's amazing my friend... I know where one needs to come to and you do Congrats buddy. Jason
  19. bakerg2g

    Who owns a Sway Back Jack?

    Here's my Case SBJ, It's been pimped out. Thinner blades, more swedge work and blued blades. I enjoy carrying this one a lot! It's just a great pattern to use!...imho! Jason