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    To touch the past

    Seriosuly Danny, I'd love to get my hands on some stuff like this. I'm sure we could work something out via email to make it worth your while--cash or trade. ...but it's also nice jsut looking at your finds! Thanks for all the knowledge!
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    To touch the past

    You can buy something like that for $100 in Japan? Are you allowed to export them? You can score an armor for $100 for me any day, Danny--I'd make it worth your while! :)
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    Using the Tibetan sword

    Thank you Danny!
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    Post counts on HI.... Should we have a commemorative khukuri?

    Ummm....I could be wrong, but I think Ysva was talking about making a khuk to celebrate the whole forum reaching 200,00 posts--like a "10 year anniverery" in some other medium. While that's cheesy to my mind (hey, I still read books on paper), it could add to the ethos of the forum. I agree...
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    Atten:!: Daniel Koster

    BEautiful stuff Dan! I wish I could come to the show. Best of luck to you. I think I need a dankhura as well. I love my HI KErambit, but it is a tad large.
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    Using the Tibetan sword

    I love the Tibetan sword! I'm trying to absorb your advice, Danny. I've been pondering your Eastern fighting philosophy for a long time now, and I like what you're saying about "presence" versus a concentration on specific action and reaction. I've been trying to practice this line of...
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    Deals for 10/24 -- Pix and awesome buys

    Oh! That YCS is to die for! Wow!
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    Cobalt AK Bowie Cleaver

    I've long suspected this about the spring supply. I wouldn't be surprised if part of the Birghorka magic is the small amount of Americium in the steel.... And of course, as Munk pointed out, Bura has been quenching with Heavy Water for years. I was about to apologize for hijacking this...
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    Cobalt AK Bowie Cleaver

    Maybe I missed something, but if you make a leaver out of cobalt I'm not sure it would be food safe.
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    Workshop Humor

    I enjoyed steeping myself in the vocabulary and idiom of the cane rod community. Of course, I had to go home and check on my varnish after those stories. As it turns out, I don't even have any spar varnish in my workshop...unless it's hiding waiting for its momen to spring! Makes my beard crawl!
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    BDC Came Today

    My favorite. She's a beautiful girl.
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    O:O:T: Interesting tang-handle join

    Some khukuris have split tangs that are bent out inside the handle like that. It would be a very secure fastening method. Peening the tange end on the pommel/butcap is also standard khukuri practice. It does, indeed, showcase the knifemaker's art.
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    In Appreciation

    Whoa! I'm one of the best minds onthe planet now? I had no idea! That's just another benefit I've derived from Yangdu's efforts!
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    Bob White Bolo....

    "You cannot leave reputation for BruiseLeeee because we turned off the rep system." RATS!
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    dankura update request

    Awesome Dan! I've been waiting for these!
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    Torture Knives

    It just occured to me that we probably help fuel those Ebay descriptions! Sellers Google "kookerie tortur nives" and find the experts here on the HI forum expounding upon their proper use! At least I hope they find these threads! :)
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    Yet another khuk mod (collaboration)

    Simply beautiful! What would a rig like that cost a guy, Dan?
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    New Sword Variant

    Is it double-edged? It doesn't look like it is... I love the tip geometry--it's so symetrical and pointy!
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    OT: The Downside to Living Downtown

    I didn't know there was an "upside" to living in town.
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    Possible Khuk Finishing Substance

    Here are (I hope) some photos of one of my electrolytic cleaning set-ups. I'm cleaning ancient brionze coins in this little bath. The photos don't really do justice to the colorful biproducts, but you can sorta see them. Photos Here This is my first attempt at posting photos, so any...