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  1. Chris Larrikin

    PFB Framelock Folder in S35VN Heebie-Jeebie Edition

    That's really nice. I'm with your wife though; if Cthulhu carried a folder, this may be it ;)
  2. Chris Larrikin

    WTS CPM-3V Knives

    Nice, utilitarian knives. I am really enjoying the little 3V knife I bought from you a while back. Do you ever do uncoated blades?
  3. Chris Larrikin

    what´s it´s name? - the black bowie/fighter

    That's really nice, Matt.
  4. Chris Larrikin

    Puukko 120mm. with 1,2519 steel and Alder burl.(SOLD)

    Beautiful work, as always. For anyone on the fence, I ordered one of Todor's knives a while ago. His communication, customer service and, of course, the workmanship of the knife, were all excellent.
  5. Chris Larrikin

    12 inches Blade Butcher kukri-khukuri Ready to ship

    Very nice work. What steel have you used?
  6. Chris Larrikin

    DCL 3v/Maroon linen/grey g10

    Really nice, mate.
  7. Chris Larrikin

    3V natural/green micarta

    Nice work! It's good to see you back here.
  8. Chris Larrikin

    lionsteel Customer service?

    I am glad it ended well :) Delays in communication can be frustrating as hell. The way I see it, the outcome can make it all worth it...sometimes. I am relieved that in the end LionSteel lived up to their reputation and came through :)
  9. Chris Larrikin

    lionsteel Customer service?

    I am a bit confused. Are you saying they don't have a warranty due to them not promptly responding to your email? Is this a one-off issue or have you experienced the same with them before? Also how bad is this asymmetric blade? What do you mean exactly? Do you mean the edge bevel is off, or...
  10. Chris Larrikin

    Chris Williams knife tried to rip me off for $5,150

    Excellent result! I know you are, but be careful not to weaken your position with anything you post. The man's history is pretty well documented here already.
  11. Chris Larrikin

    Chris Williams knife tried to rip me off for $5,150

    Do you have an outcome? This sleepy Australian is hoping it's all going well :)
  12. Chris Larrikin

    Chris Williams knife tried to rip me off for $5,150

    Was this the same joker who threatened to sue Spark a couple years ago when he was exposed for passing off factory blank oyster knives for custom? What a complete wanker (sorry for the language but it really applies). OP - I hope it all works out in your favour. I wish you guys had the same...
  13. Chris Larrikin

    Steingass Takedown Hunter in Musk Ox **SOLD**

    What a beauty! If it were just about anyone else I wouldn't believe that it was a "first" damascus! The extra attention to make it a takedown just tops it off.
  14. Chris Larrikin

    Good first knife for a girlfriend?

    I think you should give her yours. She likes it, you get to buy a new knife and down the track she can choose one for herself. Everyone wins.
  15. Chris Larrikin

    Several EDC in CPM-3V

    If you'll ship to Australia I'll take numbers 5, 7 and 9.
  16. Chris Larrikin

    Looking for a thin, narrow knife in CPM3V

    Hi all. I am looking for someone to make what would essentially be a Mora-like knife in CPM3V (or similar steel). Think a Mora Classic 1 but more awesome. The general spec's I'm looking for: - stick tang - oval shaped handle (micarta or stabilised timber) - blade approx 4" long, less than 1"...
  17. Chris Larrikin

    Puukko - stabilized alder burl "SOLD"

    Beautiful work. Seeing this makes me very glad I ordered one! :)
  18. Chris Larrikin

    To Boldly Go..

    It's been about 17 years since I was last at Yass (because you can't drive straight through apparently ). I remember it being at once a beacon of neon, actual other people who I hadn't been trapped in a car with for 8 hours and bad but necessary coffee, and the kind of truck stop hellhole you...
  19. Chris Larrikin

    Advanced titanium machete design with build video

    Wisdom. Nice work Sam. Out of curiosity, why do you prefer the snub nose on your knives and machetes?