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    Sambar stag & Damascus Gent's Bowie.....

    I like this design and style very much. It's great!
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    This is a handsome piece of work!
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    Russ Andrews Custom Hunter - Pics

    Very beautiful and concise works! Like it very much!
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    Big Camp Bowie

    A very neat piece of work!
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    Mark Bartlett S-Guard Bowie - Abbreviated WIP

    Great work, very beautiful!
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    Bulldog folder

    Very good tactical style!
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    Skinning knife

    Very neat work! Do well!
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    You Did It!

    Congratulations to you! I'm very glad to you can restore.
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    Blacksmith Pearl Bowie

    A very beautiful bowie!
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    Latest Bowie

    This is a very beautiful bowie!great works!
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    Buonarroti Bowie

    Rodrigo's work is very beautiful, thank you very much for coming back