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  1. Haze

    Homemade inlays

    The main problem with replacing the inlays is that you have to do a clean job on the fit or it looks terrible. It's not really a "problem" removing the inlays undamaged if you take your time with it, it is a "problem" though so take your time with it. :p That all makes the job a rather large...
  2. Haze

    How Much Material Is Removed When Re-profiling A CRK Edge? And Back Again?

    The blades are through hardened so should be the same hardness through the entire piece of material. It doesn't matter if you sharpen the blade down to a tooth pick, it's still going to be the same HRC. The obvious goal is to take as little material away while as possible while still actually...
  3. Haze

    Sebenzas with dual lugs- I have no use for them

    I have done this as well, double silver all the way for me. :thumbup: Single thumb studs have never looked right to me on any knife, a single stud takes the symmetry and lines of the knife right off kilter IMO. I have only 1 Regular with a single stud and I can't change it to a double...
  4. Haze

    Maple-benza - sweet as syrup!

    Congrats indeed, that is a very cool Regular. :):thumbup:
  5. Haze

    Guy's and gal's the Use their CRK's

    I have bought just about all of my stuff new from dealers or CRK. The odd regular sebenza or one piece knife here and there would be the only dent to that. :) The smart mans buy is clearly the light user for a few bucks off. A pocket tumbled, twice sharpened large Sebenza for <400$ is the...
  6. Haze

    How do I get my photos to show up full size, not thumb nails?

    When you want to post an image in large size using a forum attachment you can do this: Make a post as usual and attach the image as usual, but before you post the reply go to "preview post", this will show you your post with the small thumbnail. Click on that thumbnail and open it in a "new...
  7. Haze

    Urgent help needed for Chris Reeve Umnumzaan comparison new and oldie owners welcomed

    CRK make little changes to things on their knives all the time so they are normal to see. The blade has a "tumbled" finish and this can look different depending on the size, age, type etc. of the medium used so will change slightly all the time. The same is true for bead/sand blasted parts...
  8. Haze

    Thoughts on the Tanto Blade

    I agree with this and there really isn't much to add... I'm not a fan of tantos as a rule of thumb, and do prefer the Umnumzaan tanto to the Sebenza, the blade style just suits it better IMO. The CRK tanto has a bit more belly to it than usual and the "Bob Lum" style point makes for a rather...
  9. Haze

    Database errors are back to being a regular thing......

    I'm still having issues with this although it has been to a lesser extent of late....
  10. Haze

    Trying something different (lanyard content)

    I'll drop you a line in with pics of how to fix it still long enough ? :)
  11. Haze

    Trying something different (lanyard content)

    Yea, he did have one untill his dog chewed it. :D I'll have to make more of those some time....
  12. Haze

    Large Insingo 21 alignment

    The knife will not go from being centred to being off on it's own, either the pivot is backing out or "another problem" exists. While an off centre blade is very unusual it does happen, it can be down to the edge bevel, blade grind, warping or fit of the knife. All of those will be a constant...
  13. Haze

    What are your thoughts about ball bearings vs washers?

    I'm not a fan, I also see them as a solution to a problem that I don't have. I have had a few knives with bearing pivots and was not massively impressed, also the increased potential for "longevity issues" is an obvious one. :)
  14. Haze

    Anybody see the lockbar side of 21 ever polished before?

    I'm going to believe it this time. :D
  15. Haze

    Who needs thumbstuds?

    A machined trough like we see on the Mnandi would work on a Sebenza. I would probably prefer that to a thumbstud actaully, it looks nice and clean as well as covering that whole "less=more" thing. :):thumbup:
  16. Haze

    Does anyone EDC a megafolder (4.5"+)?

    After carrying this for a while it's made my other "large" knives feel a rather dainty. :D I was actually a little surprised at how quickly one can become used to a big folder. I have carried this knife as an EDC and found it to be very usable as a knife, but it is just a bit too big and a...
  17. Haze

    Sharpening drives me crazy.

    My first real sharpening of a factory edge is more of a rebeveling. I use the convex factory edge for as long as it lasts with stropping and touch ups, but then that first sharpening puts a conventinal "flat bevel" on the blade and that's the end of that. :D
  18. Haze

    Umnumzaan old pivot tool?

    Bhyde makes good stuff for sure. :):thumbup:
  19. Haze

    Insingo for Piercing & Defense

    A high and low tipped knife will both pierce easily. A high or trailing point will tend to more acute than a low pointed knife and perhaps not a s strong, but in reality there is little difference in performance. The method with which you use the point of said knife is where the real difference...
  20. Haze

    Insingo for Piercing & Defense

    What answer is it you want exactly ? If you're expecting people to rush out and do hours of scientific testing on video for you that seems unreasonable. Try using your knife and get to know it, all your answers are right there in your hand....