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    What para3 sprint do you want to see?

    Ti scale with 3V Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Victorinox - SwissBianco Firesteel SAK

    Please notify me if silver alox firesteel in stock. Thanks
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    Ratweiler CG: thick or thin?

    To have a clear picture, can anyone do picture comparison between 1/4 and 3/16 thickness? Thanks.
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    Old School SHMS'es SOLD

    Gk4ever2, If in the future you plan to part with one of these classics, let me know. Thanks.
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    Help deciding on Copper or Stainless steel?

    Thanks for all ideas. I will take Copper as I love the look and feel when it gets patina and wears.
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    Help deciding on Copper or Stainless steel?

    I am thinking to purchase a Hinderer pen. I cannot decide which material should I buy, Copper or Stainless pen. Does anyone have experience of both materials? Thanks
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    Thai blades?

    ัplease do search on "santi". He has been BF member for a long while. He has good connection with traditional Thai bladesmith. Or you can visit You will find a lot of helping hands there.
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    Prayers needed again........send smoke.......

    Prayers and Smoke send from Thailand.
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    Knife Works Rocks

    When I purchase a knife, I always click to KW first and order from KW. KW is one of the best online knife shop. Highly recommended.
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    Insingos with damascus or wood inlays?

    That's great news.
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    Insingos with damascus or wood inlays?

    I have requested damascus blade as an option for insingo blade from CRK. However, CRK does not offer damascus version with insingo blade. They do offer wood inlay. Return order for wood inlay is about 4-6 months depending on wood you choose. Hope this help.
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    Any review or commnet on Sebenza CF?

    Thank for sharing great viedo.
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    My new Micarta Insingo

    Soon place order the knife I will. Thanks for sharing.
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    S35 VN Mnandi?

    In "two weeks" (Busse's time) , so to speak. :thumbup:
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    Any review or commnet on Sebenza CF?

    I am planning to add a new sebenza CF into my collection. I have experienced with a titanium verison but want to know more about CF version. I would really appreciate if you guys and gals who recently purchase feed back on CF version. Thanks so much.
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    GREAT Deal with LIU KANG

    I do recommend LIU KANG if you want a smooth transaction and great communication with him. You can find him on BladeForum only. Thanks DAN!
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    Liu Kang's NMFBM moved

    email inbound for sage NMFBM $900
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    Mule Team Aogami Super Blue pics

    Sal, What about the most sought after (for the time being) Para Millie 2 in Blue steel ?
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    Going Primitive

    Somewhere in SEA? :)
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    BOSS Jack VS. .50 BMG. . . Aka. . . Powdered INFI ! ! ! !

    Okay! The BOSS. I don't care for THAT broken INFI. Get us .50 BMG-proof INFI. :eek::eek::eek: