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    A 1984 Busse Tanto Comes Home!!!!

    I think this is screaming for a sr101 reissue
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    Did you notice the RMJ American Tomahawk?

    I'm very excited to see what the Model 2 will be!
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    Sneak Peek Of The New Busse Combat F-16 !!! . . . Coming Wed. June 17, 2020 at 9:00 PM Eastern!!!

    Pretty please, can someone pm or email me a pic? thank you!
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    TOPS Prather War Bowie with Custom Kydex

    No. Long sold. Good luck.
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    Tanto PM2!!

    M4 for the win.
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    Jumpmaster 2

    The PM2 is such a great feeling knife. I love it and hope we get a plain edge version too, ideally in something like 3v, cruwear, z-wear, etc.
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    Green Beret 5,5 & 7" & Pacific

    Please email me- levs18 at Thanks!
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    Value of AFCK Axis 806SD2?

    Do you know if there has been any traction?
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    Value of AFCK Axis 806SD2?

    I wish benchmade would bring these back...
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    Spyderco Street Beat Micarta

    I’ll take backup on it. Thanks.
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    I’ll take the Wilson Combat, if it’s still available
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    There Are Rumblings Coming From Both The Yard And The Swamp!!!

    I think you didn’t say enough?!?!
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    I Like Beer. . .

    It’s not last night anymore. It’s today. Today seems like Team Gemini Light Brigade picture kind of day, right?
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    I Like Beer. . .

    I keep hitting the refresh button. Maybe it only works if you hit it while holding a beer and a whiskey?
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    I Like Beer. . .

    I’m hoping for sr101 as an option here too!
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    9" and def agree!
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    New Ultralight! The 537 Bailout

    Anyone know the release date?