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  1. Jaxx

    Sterile blade...genuine or not?

    Looks thin. How thick is it at the spine? Thinking sterile DABA (Desert "Anorexic" Badger Attack)
  2. Jaxx

    For sale FVM14

    Hi David, For future reference, Busse & 'Kin sales posts go in this forum, and discussion type posts go in the other forum. I only moved it here, it is still open for replies from interested folks. :thumbsup:
  3. Jaxx

    For sale FVM14

    Moved from the Busse Discussion Forum. :)
  4. Jaxx

    Which Busse?

    Taliwhacker is the obvious answer...but a Busse? 3 Finger FTW ;):D
  5. Jaxx

    Would there be any interest if I listed this Busse for sale on the Exchange?

    Would also be considered a fishing expedition thread, which I believe isn't allowed even with a paid membership. I believe the OP has his answer. Everybody go wait for it to drop in the Exchange now...lolz ;) (Although OP should keep it... JMO :D)
  6. Jaxx

    Off Topic Poll...What do you think UFO's are? <poll re-opened>

    I've seen 2 "UFO's" in my lifetime. The first was when I was much younger, a teen back in the 80's. This one was quite advanced looking even by today's tech standards. No discernable propulsion system from underneath, like it just floated. Big. Like frigate big. Total daylight sighting... I was...
  7. Jaxx

    Do you suffer from KNA (knife naming addiction)?

    :eek: And the winner, for Oldest Zombie Thread Reanimation, @ 21 years, 1 month & 6 days, goes to.... :p:D:D
  8. Jaxx

    Here is a real old one G.P. Busse Field Grade

    Think Jerry just called them survival knives back then. Nice score :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  9. Jaxx


    So... Off topic- sorta for this crowd... ;) Hey @Tony G (or anyone else?) question for ya... Just finished my last bottle of Dierberg '05 pinot noir last night :cool::thumbsup:, all bottles in my 2 cases were tasty AF & the last pair of bottles were freakin' exquisite as hell! ...And now I'm...
  10. Jaxx

    Need Help ID'ing Team Gemini Knife

    2010 you say? It's an original Team G. That was the year they debuted @ Blade Show, & the year TWD Season 1 aired with the original TG on Daryl Dixon's hip in the 3rd? 4th? episode.
  11. Jaxx

    Busse Custom NMFSH .32" Recurved Satin INFI w/Clip Point Hand Smoothed Tigerhide

    "Mefo" is a rare typo in the logo of both Mofo versions, I believe, or at least on the Mr Mofo's.. I have #27 Mr Mofo, it has the "Mefo" typo. Resinguy posted this in another thread years back, worth reposting here: This might be a good time to review the terminology, as it can get confusing...
  12. Jaxx

    Will York is Ironic

    Sure, sure, likely many times have I heard that before, eh? Forum police. Hands behind your back, let's go... :p;););):D:D:D:D:D (Hiya Will! :))
  13. Jaxx

    Finally made it

    Congratulations Jason! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  14. Jaxx


    HACK stands for 'HOG Apprentice Custom Knives'. Which HACK model? Bear Cub, Warden, War Dog, etc?
  15. Jaxx

    Combat/police recruit id

    :eek::eek::eek: Anatomy of a Busse cheat sheet can be found here: ;) Not always. I have an INFI Police Recruit variant, only the ahem- *lanyard hole* (;):D) is smaller.
  16. Jaxx

    Re issue wishlist

    Li'l Ugly in INFI.
  17. Jaxx


    Hope everyone is well! :thumbsup: "Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive." - Vance Wilder ;)
  18. Jaxx

    Busse Force Multiplier

    Sir, I assure you that I neither ask for nor receive any compensation for forum moderation here, or for any information here that I might have contributed to both this forum & site. I volunteer my time...