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  1. Grease

    Fell Beast Pre-Order 52100 +3V Closing 5/15

    So... are the 3v ones that shipped the original order round, or the replacements for the slag steel 52100 models? Been close to 6 months now since you had us send in our scales from the 52100 ones.
  2. Grease

    Millaukee power charger issues

    How heavily did he use the batteries? The older non-Lithium style tend to go dead and won't hold even the tiniest charge after a lot of use. Odds are if they're more than a few years old, they're junk regardless of the state of the charger.
  3. Grease

    Okay... what is the responsible way to handle this encounter?

    Sheesh. I get being nice to it while you're stuck on your butt in a mesh bag, but once you got out... Scare the thing off!
  4. Grease

    What hatchet/axe/hawk surprised you in performance

    Basically anything by Cold Steel. At the price you'd expect something near BudK quality, but they're honestly very well made basic tools.
  5. Grease

    The axe-ident thread

    #4. Be aware of where your axe head might go if you break a handle. At my aunts wedding, they wanted to have a big bonfire after sunset. They had an old axe, and a pile of log rounds. Cue groomsmen being manly for the photographer... Until one struck the log too hard, or at a bad angle, or who...
  6. Grease

    Survival Lilly knife

    Its not an unrealistic scenario. How many people sleep naked? Lets say you are woken up by a tornado. You flee, your house flies away, you're now naked with nothing. Or how many people have had to drop everything and run when the fires in California suddenly changed direction and headed right at...
  7. Grease

    Science moving backwards !

    Huh. Ion engines. Star trek, here we come.
  8. Grease

    GAW - A Saved Test Knife. Trevitrace won. Thanks all!

    Looks like a neat piece. I'd be happy to win it and field test it for ya ;) I'm in!
  9. Grease

    Flagrant Beard Templar

    Yeah, Cold Steel would probably sell a hawk that size, shape, and material for $40-60. It seems to be essentially a budget tactical hawk designed to look like, say, a Winkler.
  10. Grease

    Good light axe under $200

    If you can find Wetterlings any more, they were typically slightly cheaper but the same quality. They're recently out of business, merged with someone, or something along those lines. The next rung down is probably Hults Bruk, those will run you closer to $130-150 for a medium sized axe of great...
  11. Grease

    Good light axe under $200

    I think the standard is 24-28 inches and 2-2.5 pounds.
  12. Grease

    Good light axe under $200

    Assuming you WANT to spend close to $200 on an axe, This ^ If you're fine with anything of the right size and shape, keep an eye on ebay and the axe fore sale forum here for boy axes and hatchets. You'll find a usable one for 1/4 the price if you're lucky.
  13. Grease

    Newbie questions

    I'd leave that poll alone. There's not enough mushrooming to effect usage, and the patina on that thing is awesome.
  14. Grease

    Pork Chop Battle Grade

    Price drop again...
  15. Grease

    Have you ever seen anything creepy?

    Felt it might be worthwhile to necro this thread to add some advice for anyone else who ever experiences this: Go to a doctor and get tested for seizures. I had a buddy growing up who had epilepsy. Almost every time he suffered a seizure, he'd have bizarre dreams like this. He see weird shapes...
  16. Grease

    What's Next On Your Wish List?

    Oddly enough, not a knife. I've pretty much dialed in my collection to what I want and need. My wish list now consists of axes and guns... I want to find a tactical hawk, and I really want a chrome finish Henry lever action in 30-30.
  17. Grease

    Pork Chop Battle Grade

    Got a used camo SR-101 Pork Chop with Buy Brown kydex for you guys today. (What looks like rust is actually dead tree dust from harvesting fatwood.) Asking $275 shipped via paypal.
  18. Grease

    Traditional Japanese... batoning?! Making cedar shingles

    Stumbled across this while surfing YouTube. I guess batoning is the right way to split logs after all! It's interesting to see the control and precision he achieves with his cleaver and baton.
  19. Grease

    Why do you wear the watch you do ?

    Same boat here. I wear a Casio Tough Solar. Its basically a smaller solar powered G-shock. Not too huge so I don't catch it on stuff, plenty tough to survive all the bumps and scrapes I give it, and waterproof I don't have to take it off to scrub gunk off my arms. Plus, being solar powered...