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    Use vs non-use

    A lot of those listed knives are dealers. I have many Busse knives I have no intention of using. I hope to never sell them, but if I do, as collectables condition is important.
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    Would there be any interest if I listed this Busse for sale on the Exchange?

    If you really want a true value of a knife, put it on Ebay starting with a 99 cent auction, no reserve and what ever it sells for is what it is worth. That is how I do it.
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    No School like Old School

    Two of my favorite early Old School pieces! I won't sell mine... took forever to find them.
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    Here is a real old one G.P. Busse Field Grade

    That is a sweet one. I was bidding for it on Ebay. It went for more than my bid and your the lucky guy who got it. I was going to put it in my permanent collection!!! Congratulations on the score!
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    The one Busse that you will never ever sell!!

    I have quite a few I never would want to part with.
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    OT: Whats your favorite SHTF Handgun and why?

    An Ed Brown 1911 Executive Elite built on a Les Baer frame and slide from the early 90's. It works and always instills confidence. The trigger is magic and the gun has never malfunctioned in all these years.
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    And when it all began

    2 old Steel Hearts and I pretty sure on of them is the OP's old knife. IIRC the one on top. I had three of these at one time but sold one. Here is the picture of the other side and the stamps.
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    And when it all began

    The top is a old Mean Street that is thick! Then the Lil Ugly with a nice Satin finish. If you look below you can see the Nylon belt sheath. Then the Three Finger.
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    And when it all began

    I have a Lil Ugly and a Three Finger. I will get a picture up later. This is a great thread. Love the Old stuff!
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    Photos NMFBM Sheath

    That is some impressive work. What a an amazing pair. I always though the NMFBM was one of the finest variations of the Battle Mistress.
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    Highest number of one model you have?

    I have 4 early SHBM. So that would be my top model.
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    ALL the Badgers?! Pic?

    I cant say, I have never seen a drop point. I have only seen the clip point. I really started out looking for old Steel Hearts and Battle Mistress' and just kind of ended up with all these
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    ALL the Badgers?! Pic?

    Here is the picture of my 2 bolt Badger with a couple of older Badgers and some other older Busse knives. I have not really seen any other 2 bolt Badgers so it was good see that picture. They seem very scarce.
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    ALL the Badgers?! Pic?

    Those old 2 bolt Badgers are something special.
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    Need EDC help from those more knowledgeable

    I have been around knives for a long time. I feel a lot of this super steel stuff is marketing. I have tried a lot of different steels over the years. Are the differences real? Yes. Will it make much of a difference for a guy who is opening a few boxes and cutting an occasional steak. No. I...
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    All About them "Custom Shops"

    The newest Steel Heart is one of the best knives I have ever owned. It is a perfect knife. You could do anything with this blade. Pictured with a Steel Heart 1.
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    All About them "Custom Shops"

    I always liked this one. Nuked Battle Mistress with Snake Skin Micarta.
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    If you could only have 1

    The SHBM. Or every ONE in my collection....they are all keepers. It hurts when I sell them.