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  1. Keith Montgomery

    Samuel Lurquin's J.S. test knives for Atlanta (new photos page 2)

    I am thoroughly impressed. Those are all great looking knives.
  2. Keith Montgomery

    Was I out of line? Sharing Sales Prices from the Exchange ...

    In my opinion, if there was no agreement between the seller and buyer not to divulge the actual selling price, then go ahead and post it. The buyer should have no expectation that this is automatically a private matter and if the he/she doesn't want the price posted, that should be worked out...
  3. Keith Montgomery


    Nice clean design. I like it a lot.
  4. Keith Montgomery

    Harpoon Fighter

    I like it. It is an eye catching design.
  5. Keith Montgomery

    "Last Will" Tanto (Sheath pics added)

    I really like this knife. It has very pleasing lines. The finish looks great and so does the grinds.
  6. Keith Montgomery

    I made a knife!

    You have skill. Maybe you should make more.
  7. Keith Montgomery

    Spring Take no Kami, collab with Ben Cardoso

    Those are really fantastic. I love the fact that I have never seen anything like them before. I keep reading that as far as knife design goes, there is nothing new under the sun, but I continue to see innovative designs like this and have come to not believe that. Thanks for posting these...
  8. Keith Montgomery

    Simple knife

    Betcha it works great.
  9. Keith Montgomery

    Black Bull III

    That's an outstanding knife.
  10. Keith Montgomery

    A little message I recieved today!

    Damn Jimmy, it's great to see you posting frequently. I have always really enjoyed reading the stuff you post. You're a bit of a nut and I like that. I'm also glad to see that you are getting back into your shop. I would love to see the knives you are making now. Please take the time to post...
  11. Keith Montgomery

    Important Info! Deceased makers

    Gib Guignard passed away in July, 2005. Glenn Marshall died the 18th of September, 2010.
  12. Keith Montgomery

    From a collector/investment standpoint, how prolific should a maker be.

    My opinion is that a maker should produce the maximum number of knives possible based on demand and on the maker maintaining the highest quality possible.
  13. Keith Montgomery

    The Persian Bowie

    Incredible. That's a stunningly beautiful knife.
  14. Keith Montgomery

    International Package Tracking HELP

    I think the answer to that is rather obvious.
  15. Keith Montgomery

    Chinese Dragon Hunter

    Oh my, what a stunningly beautiful knife. Outstanding.
  16. Keith Montgomery

    Integral Bird & Trout Knife

    My hat's off to you, Ron. You are making some really beautiful knives.
  17. Keith Montgomery

    Persian 10"

    Lots to like about this knife. The dramatic contrasts in the steel, the shape, the beautiful handle material and the excellent sheath. Very nice.
  18. Keith Montgomery

    Contact nemoto knives

    The only one I know is Cutting Edge Knives. They are in Australia.
  19. Keith Montgomery

    Damascus, Ivory and 416

    I love lines that flow. This knife is a good example of nice flowing lines. Looks great, Bill.