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  1. JPD1998

    Fake or Real Strider?

    The lock side on the cheap clones are steel not titanium. Just test with a magnet. If the magnet sticks to the steel , then it's a fake.
  2. JPD1998

    Lost knives

    I lost this Benchmark Rolox for 15 years. I was cutting up cardboard inside the back of my SUV and got distracted. Later in the day I went back to get my knife and only the sheath was there. I searched everywhere inside that car and couldn't find the knife. Years later, we were having our...
  3. JPD1998

    Thoughts on Artisan Cutlery

    I bought a few of the Smoky Mountain exclusives in copper and bronze. All were under $60 and IMO they're very well made for the price. The mini proponent in copper is my favorite. Looks like a broken sword, but it's a very useful knife.
  4. JPD1998

    Knife style for Gun and Gear Maintenance tasks?

    Real Avid makes multi tools for firearm maintenance. A few have knife blades. Some are for AR's others for handgun. Maybe he wants a folder with just a few essential tools?
  5. JPD1998

    In your opinion, what is the best general-use production folder made in the past 10 years?

    Of all the knives I own , the one that stands out for me as the best is my Umnumzaan. Perfect size and weight for carry and the build quality still amazes me.
  6. JPD1998

    Common sense knife control?

    Yep, in SC pretty much no knife laws, carry what you want and it's fine. Commit a crime using a knife and it's not.
  7. JPD1998

    Common sense knife control?

    Not a lawyer, so my interpretation could be incorrect, but I think South Carolina has common sense knife laws. A knife doesn't become a weapon until you use it to commit a crime.
  8. JPD1998

    What knife would you give James Bond for his next mission?

    Maybe he kept the Mikov Alex Dimitrios tried to kill him with ( that Bond used to dispatch him)
  9. JPD1998

    Photos Knives & Guns

    I picked this up at a local gun show a few days ago. Tried to get one last year and they were impossible to find. Heritage Rancher .22LR / .22WMR ( 2 cylinders).
  10. JPD1998

    USA Made hard use folder

    Buck released the 110 legacy collection - Screw construction - Marbleized carbon fiber scales - CPM-S45VN Stainless Steel -Aluminum frame -Pocket Clip
  11. JPD1998

    Goaded by police at a young age

    What a difference a few decades makes... In the mid 1960's we were allowed to wear our Boy Scout uniforms to school on Friday's , I had a fixed blade hunting knife on my belt and no one batted an eye. Fast forward to High School in the mid 1970's and a group of us would proudly compare our...
  12. JPD1998


    All the axis lock knives are fun to play with , but I have been know to drive my wife crazy with D/A OTF knives.
  13. JPD1998

    Rough Ryder Reserves… view after owning them

    I got the RRR Canoe when they were first released. They're built completely different than the regular RR's. Liner's and bolsters are stainless steel, the pivots have washers, blade steel is D2. They're more of a hybrid traditional and very close to the construction of the AG Russell import...
  14. JPD1998

    What to do with old automatics

    The stiletto marked “B” is probably a Beltrame knife. Definitely not considered junk by a collector.
  15. JPD1998

    Looking for a nice oudoorsy knife

    I have four of them, two regular 110/112's autos and two Elite 110/112's. All function well, no blade play and good lockup. The 112's have a little quicker action, but I wouldn't consider any of them lazy. My favorites are the G10 Elites, I like the G10 scales and brushed nickel bolsters. The...
  16. JPD1998

    Looking for a nice oudoorsy knife

    The Buck 110 Pro (manual) or Elite (auto) is a perfect balance of modern and classic. I carry mine in a pocket sheath. The 112 Pro is also available in G10 with the upgraded blade steel ( S30V).
  17. JPD1998

    What's your largest folder?...

    Cold Steel Rajah 1
  18. JPD1998

    Professional cutler practicing his trade in NYC, circa 1890

    It was still common in NYC, mid-1960's, to see these guys driving trucks slowly down the street ringing a bell for knife sharpening. My mother's set of Cutco knives was ruined by one of these street sharpeners.
  19. JPD1998

    Knife you're embarrased to own or admit purchasing?

    I forgot I bought one of those until I read your post. I remember browsing the knives at a store and saw it was a "Schrade" so I figured it must be a good knife. The plastic clip for the lanyard broke almost immediately and the liner lock was so thin it was a joke. Probably the worst knife I...