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  1. dkb45

    ***Both Sold***American blade works and wingman edc

    I'll take the American Blade Works Model 1
  2. dkb45

    SOLD Kershaw Launch 9

    I'll take it!
  3. dkb45

    Microtech SOLD: Socom Elite, Two Tone

    I'll take the Asher! My email is dkbruce 45 @ Gmail. com
  4. dkb45

    HK “Cheap CALI Thrill” the Micro Incursion

    Payment sent. Address is same as PayPal, they refuse to confirm the address I've had for 25 years.
  5. dkb45

    Civivis For Sale

    Just a heads up, part of the sales rules here is that you have to list a price G&S to your door.
  6. dkb45

    Hogue RSK MK-1 140$

    I'll take the Launch
  7. dkb45

    3 up for sale

    The Microtech is sold
  8. dkb45

    3 up for sale

    You have to buy a gold membership in order to sell. Also just a heads up a sales thread isn't the right place to ask this.
  9. dkb45

    3 up for sale

    The 630 has been sold.
  10. dkb45

    3 up for sale

    Ok I *think* I fixed the photos and made them viewable and not the same picture twice somehow. I truly hate technology sometimes.
  11. dkb45

    3 up for sale

    I edited to add photos. I'm a little technologically impaired, so I'm not super sure how to get them to work. Let me know if they aren't viewable.
  12. dkb45

    3 up for sale

    Still trying to get funds to buy my first carbine, so I have 2 knives up for sale and 1 repost. First knife up is my Zieba MS3. Fires like a rocket, detent is a touch stiff though. Might break in better. Knife has been carried, cut a few envelopes, but there's no signs of wear I can see, just...
  13. dkb45

    Lil native rex 45 SOLD

    I'll take the other
  14. dkb45

    2 Production Grails for sale

    The William Henry has been sold!
  15. dkb45

    2 Production Grails for sale

    More photos Edit: the file size is SOMEHOW still to large for the third photo at around 300kb, so I'm at a loss on getting it uploaded.