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  1. comis

    The Tenets of Knife Safety

    I have four: 1) Treat every folding knife like it is a slip joint 2) Don't ever point the knife or place the edge on something you are not willing to destroy 3) Keep the edge away(in sheath or back in handle) unless you are ready to cut 4) Know what you are cutting and what's behind it
  2. comis

    Recommendation? Too Many Requirements/Did I remove myself from production knives?

    What about a BM Mini Osborne with after market micarta scales? 3" blade, steel liner, axis lock, it has all of them, just the reverse tanto is not exactly a sheepsfoot.
  3. comis

    Are you satisfied with the quality of Flytanium Scales

    I don't have that many scales from them, but this one I got did fit like a glove.
  4. comis

    The SAK can opener, a question

    If the whole purpose is to open packages, beside using the can opener(which I would try to keep clean since it's for food), I'd also recommend to give the awl a try. At least I won't mind all the stickness/glue sticking onto an awl, instead of large blade/can opener which I often use for food.
  5. comis

    Should I worry about Sak scales?

    Like everyone said, it is easy to starch the cellidor scales but I never did break one of all these years using SAKs. Whenever I did manage to scratch up the scales, I use the Novus solutions(from container store) to remove the light scratches and bring back the 'shine'. But if you'd like...
  6. comis


    I owned them both, but whenever I think of this pattern, the black cat Mercator is what I associate it with.
  7. comis

    Knife for the wife

    I'd recommend a Kabar Dozier, which is lightweight and pretty stout for a 'non-knife' person. Another good choice will be Buck 112 slim, full grip with a good backlock.
  8. comis

    Yay or Nay? Eldris

    I have a few Eldris but find the handle a little too chubby for a neck knife and the blade length is slightly too short for my taste. For neck knife, I'd recommend something with slimmer profile, l really do like the Izula 2(skeleton, cord wrap) or Brisa Bobtail 80.
  9. comis

    Attention Q and A re: the BF Spring Street Barlow!! Read carefully!

    Though I am relatively new in this subforum, just want to come in and say a heartfelt thank you for organizing all these.
  10. comis

    Recommendation? Ka-bar pen knife

    I think that's the mystery of it all, that there's no surefire way to predict under what circumstance it will start gassing. With what little I know, a knife could be kept in the same exact condition for years with no problem, but start corroding all of the sudden. The main concern is to store...
  11. comis

    ? For the big Vic lovers

    I carry a 91mm Mountaineer SAK for years, and do find the tools and weight quite adequate. 111mm Trekker is one of my favorite go to for hiking, and Outrider is heaviest I am willing to carry for a 111mm. But if I were to carry something as heavy as Hercules(or Workchamp), I'd much rather to...
  12. comis

    Recommendation? Ka-bar pen knife

    I am no expert in celluloid knives, and have only collected more than a handful of them from the past. But from what I read, there seems to be no guarantee whether the rate of outgassing and corrosion is predictable and constant. Nothing could happen for years, but it may just happen all at...
  13. comis

    Recommendation? Fixed blade EDC?

    For small traditional blade, I think a lot of European Puukko would fit your criteria nicely. Many of them do have flat grind carbon steel blade and wooden handle, but a custom sheath maybe needed to fit inside a waistband. If you don't mind modern material and look, I would recommend Brisa...
  14. comis

    Case vs. Sak

    No more truth that this, anyone could buy/sell/trade anything to make a profit, if you are in that business and good at it; but knives are like cars, you rarely make money from buying knives unless it is for work.
  15. comis

    Handle scale stopping before finger guard

    I can see your point, and personally I too prefer the second photo from your first post, where a good sharpening choil is present with minimum ricasso before an effective guard. My only wild guess is knife maker might be doing that to shorten the length of the handle--it's kinda like Tuff from...
  16. comis

    Any suggestions? creating a collection of best $50 edc

    Kabar Dozier, love this knife, great ergo, hollow grind, strong tip and solid midlock.
  17. comis

    Liner lock versus frame lock

    I think calling frame lock design is more 'superior' than a liner lock could be too wide as a blanket statement. In reality, I think there are many factors that may come into play when evaluating a lock(design/material/execution/etc), and personally, assuming everything is well designed and...
  18. comis

    Thicker tool implements-Swisstool Spirit MBS or alox pioneer?

    You probably know this, but Swisstool Spirit is a plier-based MT with many implements and many of the tool implements have different shapes, so we maybe comparing apple to orange when we compare an Alox to Spirit. 1) But having said that, here is what I observed when I put a 91mm/93mm/Spirit...
  19. comis

    SOLD, Big Sale, Fifty! Basic 5" Field Knife, Delta 3V

    In for 1 Basic 5" Field Knife with buffed natural micarta handle, and regular Mashed Cat sheath with drop loop, thank you, Team CPK!
  20. comis

    I Converted Leatherman Squirt Pliers Into Side Cutters

    Great job on this, and very well executed too!:thumbsup: