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  1. Sharp Guy

    Gayle Bradley 3

    When/where was a GB3 discussed? Did I miss some big news?
  2. Sharp Guy

    Para 3 opened in pocket

    Only knife I've had it happen to me with was a Sliverax. To be fair I was carrying it IWB in the back and it opened when I bent over and my jeans put pressure on the flipper tab. I've since increased the detent on it and I now only carry it in my pocket None of my Para 3's (or any knife aside...
  3. Sharp Guy

    Recommendation? CruWear or s30v on PM2?

    I see this parroted all the time. I'm sure this happens occasionally but do you really think this is "usual"? I have at least 30 Spyderco knives with S30V and have never had any issues with the factory edge that I've noticed. No chipping etc and I've used several of these knives in a warehouse...
  4. Sharp Guy

    Lock friction and flickibility?

    Maybe I'm just weird but if I was buying a knife for a child I certainly wouldn't be teaching them how to wrist flick a knife open. I'd actually prefer them to roll the blade out slowly like they'd likely have to do with the Dragonfly. I also think the Dragonfly is a more appropriate size for a...
  5. Sharp Guy

    Show your seconds

    Here's my two. Very happy with both!
  6. Sharp Guy

    Spyderco Pivot Bushing system

    IIRC, this has only been an issue with the N5 Salts for whatever reason. I have several N5 LWs in other configurations and none have any blade play issues. Same with the several I have in other configurations G10, Fluted Ti, Fluted CF etc
  7. Sharp Guy

    Any thoughts on Manix 2 LW Translucent Blue?

    BD1 Translucent Blue was my first Manix 2 LW. I cut a lot of cardboard with that knife and BD1 is better than a lot of people give it credit for. It's very stainless and aasy to put a great edge on it too. I gave that knife to a friend and he loves it. The new versions with BD1N should be even...
  8. Sharp Guy

    Burnt Orange

    Sharpening REX 45 isn't too bad at all
  9. Sharp Guy

    Mini Bugout

  10. Sharp Guy

    Mini Bugout

    I received an orange mini bugout about a week ago. I actually like it better than I thought I would. The action's fine on mine. Maybe not as smooth as some of my others but it'll smooth out with use. Yes, it's definitely small. If you have large hands it probably won't be for you. But I find...
  11. Sharp Guy

    Looking for some scales for a Spyderco Shaman

    Sorry, just seeing this. Life's been keeping me busy so I haven't been on here as much lately. I happen to have that knife on me today. The only experience I have with Micarta is the Cruwear Shaman. The Terotuf feels softer (more clothlike?) than the Shaman which is what I wanted. I thought...
  12. Sharp Guy

    Looking for some scales for a Spyderco Shaman

    Fireside lists scales for the Shaman as coming soon. I recently received a set of their TeroTuf scales for one of my Para 3s and they're really nice.
  13. Sharp Guy

    I'm reading the writing on the wall, China

    What? Not sure where you heard that but that's not true in my industry. The owner of my company is Chinese and imports all of our product from China. He'd get a kick out of that statement
  14. Sharp Guy

    Spyderco Wire Clip Issue

    Just FYI, Spyderco just revised (CQI) the Chaparral FRN to improve how the clip sits in the scales. Not sure but I believe the grooves are a little deeper now. I have my first run Chap LW on me today. I've never had an issue with the clip loosening up but it does look like those two ends are...
  15. Sharp Guy

    Detent help

    If you can't easily correct it I would recommend you send it in Spyderco's W&R department and let them take a look at it. There's a way you can correct it but I won't get into that here.
  16. Sharp Guy

    Who edcs a ladybug

    I have a Manbug on me almost every day along with a bigger knife.
  17. Sharp Guy

    The Chaparral, Lock Backs and Split Thumbs.

    Yep! the ol' thumb split! Happens to me often too. It's not as bad now that I've moved south but when I was in the Chicago area I battled it all winter. I had one the other day near the same spot as Wowbaggers. I couldn't use a frame lock for a few day haha
  18. Sharp Guy

    2020 prices

    You do realize that us "knife knuts" are only a very small percentage of Spyderco's customer base right? Yes, most of the sprints and exclusives go to people like us but I'm sure a large percentage of standard offerings go to non-knife knuts looking to carry the same good folder every day.