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  1. Svashtar

    AVOID River City Sheaths/Mike Sastre

    You know, I owe you an apology, because I knew this shop didn’t keep commitments several months before you dealt with him, and didn’t post here. I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. My experience was a kydex sheath and g-clip order for a vintage Cold Steel Pro Guard, and it was...
  2. Svashtar

    Adding a Firesteel loop - leather drop and kydex

    Came up with this solution: seems tight and holds the steel well. The zip ties and strap prevent the tube from rolling around to the front or back of the sheath. This will do until I can come up with something better. I also picked up this same style sheath (from Lamnia in Finland, for the...
  3. Svashtar

    Adding a Firesteel loop - leather drop and kydex

    Hey Guys, I have a couple of Fallkniven factory black leather dangler sheaths for an A1 and an S1 (used for an NL4 which is the same length blade). I could spend on a new sheath with a sharpening stone pouch and firesteel loop, but these dangler sheaths are nice work and I don't want to waste...
  4. Svashtar

    Small tek-loks?

    I noticed that as well doing a search yesterday, most folks are out. However, GPKnives has the small Tek-Lok's in stock. I just picked one up, along with two large Tek-Loks. At the same time, the Spyderco G-clip is pretty much an equivalent or some would argue better alternative to the small...
  5. Svashtar

    D2 Steel And Chasing The Burr?

    I just finished a D2 blade (AG Russell Ti-Fist Titanium/CF Framelock) using a SM and finishing with a standard leather strop (on a block) with green chromium oxide. Took my time on it, and turned it into a razor. The trailing edge movement off the strop took off any residual burr on the edge...
  6. Svashtar

    Flitz is Making my Blades Cloudy

    Try Simichrome polish instead. I seem to get a brighter final fish with that. Flitz is great, but slightly more abrasive I think. For the finest final polish I use micromesh polishing cloths used in sculpting. The highest grit is marked "12000", but I'd say that equates to about a 2000 or...
  7. Svashtar 20th Anniversary Year of Giveaways, Week 10 - Ontario Bushcraft Woodsman

    Count me in! Thanks for the generous giveaways this year.
  8. Svashtar

    Knife Art 21 CF Handle

    I just bought my first Sebenza (after wasting years only buying the CRK fixed blades and missing out), and went with the KnifeArt CF large 21. I was expecting the CF to be very slick, and it is smooth, but has a slightly matte look and feel to it. It hard to describe, but it’s not like the...
  9. Svashtar

    Ka-Bar Becker Sheath Options? BK22?

    Thanks for the great information on the sheaths and Julio, good to know. I think all of the Camillus sheaths I have have a hard kydex insert in a nylon sheath as Travis says, and hold the knife pretty well with no rattling. I've been thinking about a kydex rig for the BK2 and BK10 so will get...
  10. Svashtar

    Ka-Bar Becker Sheath Options? BK22?

    Thanks for the info! So guess I have a kind of an "old" BK22 then WRT the sheath. Thanks for the model numbers on the green-handled ones; very striking. The older knife finishes were pretty smooth so I never thought about stripping them, but looking at these clear-coated blades I can see the...
  11. Svashtar

    Ka-Bar Becker Sheath Options? BK22?

    Hi Guys, Long time BF member but have slown down in recent years (went broke on knives :D), and usually hung out a another forum in any case. I have a a bunch of original Camillus Beckers collected back in 2004 or so. Offhand collected a BK1, BK2, Machax (BK4?), BK5 camp with extra micarta...
  12. Svashtar

    Kumar Kobra help!

    Links fixed; sorry about that.
  13. Svashtar

    Kumar Kobra help!

    Always check the Exchange here first. Stuff gets buried in days.
  14. Svashtar

    SOLD Himalayan Imports 15" Memorial Salyan Special, By Bura

    You got it RR, and thanks. This one is SOLD.
  15. Svashtar

    Rare: Himalayan Imports Engraved Shop 1 Ang Khola Knives

    Shop 1 15-inch and 22 oz. engraved Tiger AK Shop 1 15-inch and 24 oz. engraved Elephant AK Shop 1 15-inch and 25 oz. engraved Boar AK These were made well before I joined the forum in 2003, and were each sent to the Newari engravers for custom work after manufacture. The Boar was made for...
  16. Svashtar

    SOLD Price drop: Himalayan Imports 30" Sirupati, Fancy Neem Wood, by Sher

    Price dropped $SOLD. Can't price this fine work by Sher any lower, not for an original Sher 30" with this wood...
  17. Svashtar

    Himalayan Imports 25" Sirupati by Kumar

    Still available as of November '14...
  18. Svashtar

    SOLD: Himalayan Imports 30" Kumar Kobra, by Sher

    Still available as of November 2014. Just $SOLD plus priority S&I listed for an original / mint rare 30" Kobra model, by one of HI's signature Kamis Sher.
  19. Svashtar

    Himalayan Imports Classic 25" Kumar Kobra, by Sher

    Still available as of November 2014. Not in any hurry, so will just leave this post sit for those patient enough to search it out. Just $245 plus S&I listed for an original mint condition Sher version of Brother Kumar's Kobra.