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    Any ideas on manufacturer?

    I'd say imperial too -based on this thread - - and what I can make of the stamp, made sometime between 1956 an d1988
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    Does thickness matter more than overall volume?

    somebody has to do it. I stayed in civil, but they kept throwing structural stuff at me. I do some structural now, but don't have to actively figure out any of these things - thank goodness
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    Does thickness matter more than overall volume?

    like you, it's been too long. but with a little google-fu - Area Moment of Inertia is same as Second Moment of Area (SMA) - used in calculating deflection and stress of a beam due to applied moment. Section Modulus, specifically Elastic Section Modulus (ESM) - applicable up to the yield point...
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    How many of you have stopped batoning?

    add one to that list
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    Pull-through sharpeners, how 'bad' are they really?

    for the price - I'd spend a few bucks more and get the lansky 4 rod turn box, or splurge for the diamond/ceramic turnbox or a sharpmaker
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    Your own physical reaction to having had the vaccine shots

    Moderna both shots recieved in early afternoon for both shots - between 9 and 10 AM the next day I was slightly off and starting to get a headache. by noon I was full on muscle and joint aches. went home, napped, had dinner, to bed and 95% the following morning. After the first shot I had...
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    you beat me to it, I was just jumping on here to post about these. We didnt get the Starr Hill Blend, but did get the other three. really like the funky chicken and old crow
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    Recommendation? Dad's Retirement Gift

    nice job NDGuy - a fantastic knife for the occassion
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    Modern folders for hunting?

    fixed blades for me. I've used folders, modern and traditional, from time to time and it reinforces the fact that I prefer fixed blades . on some small game and birds I can work with a folder and not have much issue with cleanup
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    I survived the Professional Engineering Exam!

    did you buy a new knife to celebrate yet?
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    I survived the Professional Engineering Exam!

    Nice - congratulations. A great step in your lifetime and career.
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    I survived the Professional Engineering Exam!

    Good luck @hsherzfeld I'm a Civil and took me a couple tries. My wife had to take the mechanical twice last year before passing. It sucks, but its worth it. at least now with the computer tests the results are fairly quick. It took months to get our results way back in the 00's
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    Damascus steel - legit or not?

    its not, find a more reputable place to shop
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    Shenandoah show!!!

    I will see what is on the schedule - thanks for the heads up
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    The whiskey tribe and Trade!

    the sazerac is a very easy sipper to me, and is priced very fairly (at MSRP). I'd recommend it to anybody wanting to try more ryes I popped the cork on my bottle of Van Winkle Family Reserve 13 year rye on friday evening. just a taste, want to make this one last, but it was fantastic. I...
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    The whiskey tribe and Trade!

    thanks @unwisefool I will have to grab some
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    Blades & Bourbon

    @sgt1372 good to see you won't pass up a bookers when it shows itself. I've got enough to keep my occupied for quite a bit, but won't (can't) pass up certain items. Was in Savannah, GA this past weekend and grabbed some Woodford Personal Selection from the Olde Pink House, a couple of...