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  1. Owen K.

    What size blade is the perfect EDC for you?

    There is no "perfect size" I like a variety of lengths for different reasons. That being said most of my knives are around 3.75 in.
  2. Owen K.

    The makes my rotation euphemism, for EDC

    Nice lineup! If you ever reach one for every day of the month, assign them numbers and use a random number generator app to pick the days carry. 🤣
  3. Owen K.

    Wallet GAW

    I'm in.
  4. Owen K.

    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Double post.
  5. Owen K.

    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    I can't quite believe I snagged one but I got a order confirmation! Will update when it arrives.
  6. Owen K.

    Any unique recommendations?

    Nothing in the 150 range is super unique but the CRKT morphing karambit is fast, slick and a ton of fun to play with. The opening method and pocket clip are both very innovative.
  7. Owen K.

    Bushcraft community hate towards non-bushcraft knives? What's up with this bushcraft craze? 😂

    Thats a bummer it broke. Good thing you can get a brand new one for free!
  8. Owen K.

    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Good thing I'm not a Trypophobe. 😆
  9. Owen K.

    DROP Eklipse Stonewash Revolver Scale! $220!

    I got some more up for grabs today. Paypal only Conus, Please no notes in paypal. I'll cover shipping The two knives have their boxes. 1) Microtech ultratech RSK (Rescue Services Knife) Limited to first responders and LEO. Has been artificially destressed on the handles. Blade has been carried...
  10. Owen K.


    Sold sorry.
  11. Owen K.

    Pizza and Slicers

    It's on the secret menu. If you know, you know.😉
  12. Owen K.

    Hinderer Titanium Eklipse Scale

    I'll take the textured stonewash.
  13. Owen K.

    What’s the name of this Knife

    Stella, its name is stella.
  14. Owen K.

    Gavko Neck Knife

    Comes with the safety glasses?
  15. Owen K.

    The “Can’t leave anything alone” Thread

    Who is making it?
  16. Owen K.

    Fake or Real Strider?

    ...either way.😆
  17. Owen K.

    Fake or Real Strider?

    Throw it in a lake!