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  1. JAB

    Recommendation? Titanium frame Lock, other than CRK

    Personally, if I wanted something different from a Sebenza while still retaining a somewhat similar feel (i.e. all Ti, thumbstuds, washers, etc.) I’d go with either an Umnumzaan or SHF.
  2. JAB

    Mad Dog Knives

    Y’know, I can’t believe I actually forgot the absolute #1 reason for wanting to own a MD ATAK no matter how high the price: The Steven Seagal Factor!😜 ETA:
  3. JAB

    Mad Dog Knives

    Okay, Much like Emerson’s customs, there was a mystique associated with McClung’s knives during the mid nineties due to some sort of association with the SEALs and, much like Ernie, he quickly developed a cult-like following. Much drama has ensued in the intervening years… I actually owned...
  4. JAB

    Mad Dog Knives

  5. JAB

    How long do you keep a new knife...

    I know immediately if they’re a keeper or not but sometimes it takes me a good while to get around to selling, trading or giving ‘em away.
  6. JAB

    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Just got this one in from a fellow forum member.
  7. JAB


    I’ll take the Manticore E Message incoming.
  8. JAB

    Is aftermarket support important to you?

    Not in the least. ETA: I don’t modify my knives, though. I may pimp the occasional XM-18 but even then it’s with factory parts.
  9. JAB

    Photos Knives & Guns

    A slightly larger .22 😜
  10. JAB

    The Bears' Den--Shirogorov Showcase

    Nice score! I was periodically checking that one out but just couldn’t pull the trigger at the original full asking price.
  11. JAB

    Alexander Cherburkov folders: what’s the general consensus on these?

    What more can I say other than I’m a big fan? ;)
  12. JAB

    Knife discrimination

    Many knife and gun laws were originally rooted in racism.
  13. JAB

    From Russia with Love

  14. JAB

    From Russia with Love

    That’s the recent addition. After selling an F3 and F95NL I was left with only NeOn-sized models.
  15. JAB

    Review Mnandi Comparison - 2nd & 3rd Generations

    Nice write up. I could never open my 1st or 2nd gen ones with my thumb so that aspect definitely wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me. I’m kind of ambivalent about the aesthetics of the hole (to be completely honest I haven’t really even looked at the 3rd gen ones but if the right one comes along...
  16. JAB

    The Bears' Den--Shirogorov Showcase

    So lately I’d been missing having an F95 in the collection and made an offhand comment in another thread about wanting to pick up a Turtle. Low and behold, a gracious fellow forum member reached out to me out of the blue with an offer on a gently pre-owned example that I just couldn’t refuse...
  17. JAB

    From Russia with Love

    Been too long since I last had an F95-sized Shiro.
  18. JAB

    Recommendation? So you've Got $1500 to Spend - Which Folder and Why?

    Shiro Turtle and pocket the change. Why? ‘cause I want one.
  19. JAB

    Photos Knives & Guns